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Member Spotlight: Real Estate Hero

Celebrating our Ohana!

Office Evolution Hillsboro is a hub of productivity and collaboration. We are proud to have a talented and driven group of entrepreneurs and remote employees in our center who embrace the value of community. Throughout the month of June, we are delighted to celebrate the success of one of our exceptional members, Crystal McNeal, who is making waves in the real estate industry.


About Real Estate Hero

Full service Real Estate Company for Oregon and SW Washington, as well as Notary Services for Washington and Multnomah County.


Get to Know Crystal McNeal

Tell us about your business:
Real Estate Hero is a full service real estate business serving Oregon and SW Washington. I have a passion for educating my community on real estate matters and helping people understand real estate in a big picture and behind the scenes. Real Estate Hero is a referral based business, so I rely heavily on clients who hear about me through word of mouth from a family member or friend. I am always eager to meet new people so I can increase my chances of helping as many people as possible. You can often find me tabling at an event or hosting one myself. I bring a unique set of skills to the table while handling transactions for my clients. From working extensively on my emotional intelligence to seven years in direct business communications, I have encountered countless puzzles to solve and I can think of no greater feeling than when I figure out a solution to a complex need for my clients. 

Favorite thing about your business:
My favorite part of my business is hosting events and bringing joy to my community. Last year I hosted Breakfast with Santa, where 10-15 families were fed a free full hot breakfast and their children enjoyed an up close experience with Santa. After eating, doing crafts, and telling Santa what they wanted for Christmas, the children gathered around for story time with Santa where he read ’Twas The Night Before Christmas. A tradition I plan to hold every year. 

Why did you choose your profession?
In my last job I had achieved the highest point that I could. Once I realized there was no more room for growth, I felt that I needed to pivot into a career that was both challenging and rewarding. I watched my brother do Real Estate for 5 years and did a lot of research on the career before deciding that it would satisfy my need to always be learning and growing and to help people with something that truly matters. Housing is not a small aspect of our lives. We make memories in our homes, we work hard to achieve homeownership and at times if feels like all the stars and moons need to align to make real estate goals come true. It is so rewarding to help my clients through each hurdle of the real estate process and then to celebrate with them at the finish line. 

What are your top tips for other entrepreneurs?
Give freely and it will be returned to you 10 fold. This doesn’t mean go broke giving away free stuff. But be generous with the resources you have; teach a class, volunteer, what ever you genuinely like to do, and people will automatically be drawn to you. You will create natural ways to promote your business to new people and don’t under estimate the power of networking groups and partnerships.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am 33 years old and mom to one spunky 8 year old boy. I am married to a commercial carpenter and we have been together for 15 years! I like to think of myself as laid back, easy going, generally happy and always willing to help. A lot of my childhood was spent riding dirt bikes and volunteering for The Salvation Army where my mother worked. I helped plan and set up events and assisted with putting together food boxes in the pantry, helping people apply for rent or utility assistance and organizing Christmas toys and food for hundreds of families during the holidays. I even bell rang!

What might we find you doing on your day off?
On the rare occasion I am taking a day off, you can find me spending time with my 8 year old son. Together we like to go to Target, play video games, and go to the park so he can ride his scooter. During my short get away spurts, my family and I go spend the weekend at our beach cabin in Long Beach, WA. 

What do you geek out about?
I geek out on a lot of things. I have an Associates Degree in Science and I genuinely enjoyed my days studying microbiology, anatomy, and chemistry. I love sci-fi movies and TV shows like Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Star Wars, Marvel (hence the Real Estate Hero) DC and so on.

Bucket List item?
Travel to Scotland


Find Crystal ⬇

Facebook: @Crystal.McRealtor
Instagram: @realestateheronw
TikTok: @crystalmcneal4




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