3 Ways Hoffman Estates Professionals Can Beat the Work From Home Blues

At Office Evolution® Hoffman Estates, we’ve noticed a growing trend within the local professional community. Thanks to laptops, tablets, and smartphones, the number of people who work from home in Hoffman Estates is higher than ever before. That’s no big secret. What’s surprising is how many of those people are finding working from home to be less than they expected.

In fact, we’ve heard from a growing number of home-based professionals in Hoffman Estates who report that working from home is downright unenjoyable. While many people love working from home, it’s clear that many are experiencing what we’ve started calling the “work from home blues.”

If you work from home in Hoffman Estates and find it’s not the dream-come-true you expected, don’t give up hope yet. Below, our team at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates has outlined three ways you can make working from home more enjoyable.

1. Create a Space That Works for You

In speaking with home-based professionals in Hoffman Estates, we’ve found that work environment is one of the biggest risk factors for cases of the work from home blues. While modern businesses make huge investments in workspace design, many of those who work from home give it little consideration.

You can make your home a better place to work by designing a more functional workspace. Follow principles of productive and healthy design, including:

  • A well-organized layout.
  • A distraction-free work surface.
  • An ergonomic set-up and furniture.
  • Lots of natural light.
  • Indoor plants.

2. Find Time for Friends & Fresh Air

Another big reason why people hate working from home is the feeling of isolation. When you work and live under the same roof, a space that should feel comfortable can start  to feel claustrophobic. Many home-based workers also report feeling lonely, or they fear they’re becoming disconnected from professional networks.

Your front door might not seem like a major barrier, but unless you make a dedicated effort, you could find yourself suffering from these feelings of isolation. So start finding more room in your schedule for friends and fresh air. Use work breaks to take walks, spend more evenings with friends, and take more of your weekends to spend time outside your home’s walls.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

Sometimes, the perfect solution to the work from home blues is the obvious one: spend less time working at home. One of the easiest ways to do this is with a shared workspace membership from Office Evolution Hoffman Estates.  A shared workspace gives you a space away from home where you can focus, get more done, meet other professionals, and thrive off the energy that co-working spaces generate.

At Office Evolution Hoffman Estates, our shared workspaceis the perfect alternative to working from home. Whether you’re spending Monday to Friday in our co-working space or just dropping in for a day or two each week, you’ll be able to work the way you want, at the pace you want, in a community where you can thrive.

Join the co-working community at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates and beat the work from home blues! Call 847-884-9900 now to learn more and get one hour of free access to our shared workspace.

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