Coworking in Hoffman Estates: 5 Proven Career Benefits

Over the past decade, shared work environments have emerged as one of the most innovative and effective ways to boost your career. The benefits of coworking are on display every day at Office Evolution® Hoffman Estates. Our shared workspace is home to a vibrant community of professionals from Hoffman Estates and the surrounding area.

Despite their wide range of professional backgrounds, members of our community have one thing in common. At Office Evolution Hoffman Estates, they’ve discovered that a coworking space gives them an environment where they can thrive like never before.

They’re not the only ones to make this discovery. As far back as 2005, shared work environments were being touted as a gamechanger for the modern workplace. That was confirmed in 2015, when a report published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that professionals in shared work environments thrive at unprecedented levels — more than 20% higher than workers in typical offices.

Coworking spaces now drive innovation in cities across the country, including right here in Hoffman Estates, IL. So what is it that makes places like Office Evolution Hoffman Estates such fantastic places to work?

Hoffman Estates Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces like Office Evolution Hoffman Estates offer a number of key advantages over traditional office workplaces. Workers are often surprised by how even the smallest differences can bring a major boost to their work-life.

  1. Community Atmosphere. One of the most surprising discoveries about shared workspaces is the sense of community these spaces create. Shared work environments benefit from a workspace culture where people feel more comfortable being themselves. Freed from office politics and corporate culture pressures, workers develop relationships more easily and feed off the positive community atmosphere.
  2. Innovation and Mutual Support. A strong community atmosphere turns a shared work environment into a collaborative workspace. Community members feel more comfortable turning to each other for ideas, advice, and assistance. Just as important, shared workspaces bring diverse skillsets together, sparking new ideas, and fresh perspectives.
  3. New and Wider Opportunities. Collaborative workspaces don’t simply foster teamwork and innovation. They also open new doors for community members. When you’re surrounded by workers from so many different fields, backgrounds, and professional networks, every new contact and conversation could be your next big opportunity.
  4. Autonomy and Flexibility. With a shared workspace membership, you have an extraordinary level of control over when and where you work. Need to work extra hours? No problem. Working from home part of the week? Not an issue. Simply choose the pace that works best for you.
  5. Focus and Performance. A shared workspace makes it easy to block out distractions and focus on high priority items, something that’s difficult in a home office or your local coffee shop. Unlike a home office or coffee shop, a shared workplace is also designed for productivity. Key design choices increase focus, improve performance, and keep workers more motivated and comfortable.

Think it might be time to look for coworking space for rent? There’s no better place to start your search than at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates. Our coworking membershipsoffer 24/7 access to our shared workspace, plus a range of key benefits. Enjoy complimentary coffee and tea, access free, high-speed Wi-Fi, and take advantage of discounts on conference room access. We also offer dedicated work space for rent, giving you a desk, micro office, or private office to call your own.

Learn how you can get one hour of free coworking space access by calling Office Evolution Hoffman Estates today at 847-884-9900.

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