Coworking Office Benefits All

How a Coworking Office in Hoffman Estates, IL Can Boost Your Business

Although working from home might be the most affordable option for solo business professionals and startups, domestic distractions can make it untenable. Besides, working from home does not support expansion. Unfortunately, traditional office spaces are usually too expensive for small businesses. Office Evolution offers affordable and flexible coworking office spaces in Hoffman Estates, IL to ensure you have the chance to grow your business. To help you understand how opting for our co-working office space will boost your business, here are the benefits you can expect.

Affordable office space

Compared to traditional office spaces, co-working spaces that charge a monthly fee can save you a substantial amount. Considering the average cost of a conventional office space minus supplies and utilities, you can save up to 75% in total. Thanks to our month-to-month pricing, you only have to pay for what you use. In addition to an affordable monthly fee, you will have access to most of the necessary utilities and supplies with our co-working office in Hoffman Estates, IL. You can also schedule one of our conference rooms whenever you have a big meeting. Our coworking spaces also come with the following:

  • Training rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Competent front desk receptionists
  • Private and secure mailboxes
  • Safe and convenient parking arrangements
  • Drop-in business lounge

Unbeatable amenities

Leasing your own office space means paying for the necessary utilities, supplies, and amenities. Our co-working offices include services such as phones and internet access. You will also benefit from complimentary coffee, tea, water, and kitchen supplies. Having access to free utilities and amenities reduces your business costs and minimizes the details you have to handle on a day to day basis, which allows you to dedicate your time where it is needed the most.

Quick setup

We will perform all the heavy lifting, which means you won’t have to make an expensive move if you opt for our co-working office spaces. Since our conference and meeting rooms have plug-and-play capabilities, you can get started quickly. You only need to bring your computer. Additionally, our coworking offices are fully furnished and include every facility necessary for business growth.

Networking opportunities

Although not all shared office options place emphasis on community, co-working is a core value at Office Evolution. By integrating an open floor plan to promote mingling, our co-working spaces provide a suitable talent pool and easy networking opportunities, all of which can boost your business.

Scalability and flexibility

In place of the traditional office leases that lock you in for years, our co-working office spaces are available on a month-to-month basis. Paying a monthly or annual membership for our coworking office space instead of a long-term lease allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plans quickly and at any time. You can, therefore, add or reduce office space based on whether your business is expanding or contracting.

Affordable support staff

While our executive suites include administrative staffs who work on a pay-per-task basis, our co-working office spaces have staff to assist our members. However, our co-working office staff doesn’t usually help with administrative tasks. At our co-working offices in Hoffman Estates, IL, membership includes reception support and mailing services. Compared to having a full-time staffer, paying for administrative services as you go allows you to save a significant amount of money and boosts your business.