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Interview with Brandon Richards, CEO of PANOLIN America. Taken verbatim from Feedback, the PANOLIN Magazine -Issue 02/2017.

PANOLIN America: the USA is undoubtedly of great interest to any supplier. Environmental awareness is also growing among US citizens.

People all over the world witnessed the terrible images from both Florida and Texas in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Harvey. The loss of life is devastating and the damage to the environment a disaster. Other countries also witnessed dramatic events as storms and rainfalls caused flooding and destruction. Are we really that helpless? No, although studies indicated that civilization does little in the wake of such events to prepare for future storms and catastrophes.

Interview with Brandon Richards, CEO of PANOLIN America.

What messages can PANOLIN communicate in the USA when you look at the catastrophe in Texas and Florida and its consequences? “Naturally my thoughts are with the families and friends who have been affected. The contamination through heavy industry and oil leaks as a result of hurricane Harvey is visible in many neighborhoods of Houston.” This is why products like those manufactured by PANOLIN are gaining ever greater importance. “Our products are easily biodegradable and will place a much lesser, short-term burden on the environment in the event of such a catastrophe.”

The use of these products also reduces CO2 emissions and therefore helps the environment. “The high performance of PANOLIN lubricants and their long service life also benefits nature and the user’s wallet,” explains Richards. Richards graduated in Biology. What does your degree contribute towards your new job as CEO of PANOLIN USA? “A great deal. That’s because a large part of my course of work was focused on chemistry. In addition, my work in research and development was an extremely powerful foundation for my working career and now helps me with my new challenge, PANOLIN. It is a good starting position to convince potential customers.”

How important is the US market to PANOLIN? “The USA is undoubtedly of great interest to any supplier. Environmental awareness in the USA is increasing, especially in the aftermath of such events. Today, enterprises and consumers alike expect a sustainable approach to preserving natural resources.” PANOLIN America is currently focusing on segments with significant potential for the use of biodegradable products. They include the sectors for construction, excavation work, dredging, shipping, hydroelectric power, forestry, food processing, oil and gas, and lift systems. “We won’t run out of work any time soon,” says Richards. It is now important for PANOLIN America to spread its wings and reach out to customers and interested parties from coast to coast. “Our focus is on the exchange of information and on education, as they will point out the benefits of our products and enable everyone to see why an investment in PANOLIN products has an extremely beneficial impact on the balance sheet and the environment.”

What do you like about PANOLIN? “PANOLIN stands for high-quality products, outstanding performance, an impressive service life and biodegradability. In fact, PANOLIN is the perfect US product: it is the best product on the market in every segment,” explains Richards. “The fact that companies such as Bosch Rexroth recommend PANOLIN as a reference product for demanding applications is naturally of great benefit. In addition, PANOLIN is a very customer-oriented company with a reputation of perfect customer care.”