Rent Mailbox Space for Your Small Business in Hoffman Estates

Starting a home-based business has never been easier, thanks to new digital technologies and a range of professional services. You can find these services at Office Evolution® Hoffman Estates. Our business center offers a wide range of services perfect for home-based business owners. You can sign up for live phone answering services, join our coworking community in Hoffman Estates, orrent mailbox space for your home business.

Private mailbox rentals at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates make it easy and affordable to operate a virtual office. By renting a mailbox with a dedicated business address, you can run your business like a larger company, but without the heavy overhead of a rented workspace. You’ll also enjoy more privacy, increased security, and the chance to bundle your mailbox rental with additional features and services.

Why Rent a Mailbox & Business Address in Hoffman Estates

There are many reasons why professionals rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates. Some are looking for more privacy. Others need a dedicated address for online marketing. Many rent a mailbox for a combination of reasons. These include…

Security. Mailbox rentals at our business center are secured by lock and key, ensuring all sensitive mail is kept safe, secure, and private. Parcels and packages that do not fit in your mailbox, meanwhile, are handled through our secure parcel reception services.

Image. A residential address can send the wrong message to clients and customers, whereas a dedicated business address will make a polished, professional impression.

Privacy. One of the disadvantages to running a home business is that your personal address will be listed on important documents. Renting a dedicated mailbox will allow you to safeguard your privacy and keep a firewall between your personal and professional lives.

Marketing. Many online marketing channels will penalize your business if you use a residential address for your business. Office Evolution Hoffman Estates will give you the local business address you need to take advantage of these channels.

Convenience. If you’re a solopreneur and you’re expecting an important delivery, that can limit your availability for meetings, phone calls, and other tasks. Our parcel reception services will take care of this issue. We’ll sign for your parcels and you can pick them up whenever is convenient.

Rent Mailbox Units in Hoffman Estates IL

In addition to all the benefits listed above, private mailbox rentals at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates are also highly affordable. We rent mailbox units for as little as $79/month, perfect for anyone on a smaller budget.

We also offer the option of professional service bundles, like our Professional Plan and Professional Plan Plus. On a Professional Plan, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a private mailbox rental, plus a range of additional features, including 24/7 access to ourcoworking space. If you upgrade to a Professional Plan Plus, you’ll also enjoy our live phone answering services, which are perfect for virtual office operations.

Call 847-884-9900 today to learn more about how to rent mailbox space at our business center in Hoffman Estates IL.

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