The ROI of Shared Office Rentals in Hoffman Estates

When we first opened Office Evolution® Hoffman Estates, shared office space was still a new concept in the Chicago metro area. Since then, shared workspaces have become a major trend in the Chicagoland area, especially in prominent business centers like Hoffman Estates.

It’s easy to see the appeal. Shared workspace memberships have dramatically reduced the cost of access to high-quality professional workspace. At the same time, it has made private office rentals more affordable for small businesses and startups. This affordability is matched with increased functionality, delivering one-of-a-kind ROI to members of shared office communities.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Shared Office Space

Cheap office space is hard to come by in major metro markets. Before coworking became a big trend, there was a huge gap between the corner coffee shop and cost of a small office rental. Shared office memberships have filled this space, giving remote workers, freelancers, and startups an affordable way to access high-quality office space.

At Office Evolution Hoffman Estates, for example, a membership costs less than you’d likely spend on beverages alone working from your local coffee shop. Better yet, our memberships include free coffee and tea, along with access to office equipment and discounts on professional services.

By adopting a shared office model, we’ve also made private office rentals more affordable for local entrepreneurs and startups. Our private offices include all necessary furniture and infrastructure, are available on flexible month-to-month agreements, and come with a range of professional amenities, including:

Workspace Innovation in Hoffman Estates

Despite the reduced cost of shared office rentals, these spaces offer comparable functionality to traditional office environments. In fact, there’s an emerging consensus that shared workspaces offer increased performance compared to typical office environments.

That might sound surprising at first. But at Office Evolution Hoffman Estates, we see the benefits in action every day.

We’ve seen how shared workspaces encourage collaboration and innovation by bringing people together from varied professional backgrounds. We’ve also seen how shared workspaces — which have less competition and less strictures than traditional offices — foster a positive, supportive community dynamic.

You can discover the benefits of shared office space yourself by paying a visit to our workspace in Hoffman Estates, IL. Call Office Evolution Hoffman Estates at (847)884-9900today to schedule a tour of our workspace.

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