Virtual Office Benefits: Is It for You?

Benefits of Hoffman Estates’ Latest Virtual Office Provider

Virtual Office Benefits Professionals

From the insatiable need of human to make life as effortless as possible, technology keeps evolving. In response, businesses are finding new ways to break free from the limitations of the traditional business model and embracing the freedom that technology offers. Virtual offices are the perfect solution for such companies which want to keep overhead costs low, encourage productivity and improve employee flexibility as some of the virtual office benefits. To understand the concept further and examine whether it is a good fit for your business, here is a breakdown of these benefits.

1. Low Overhead Operating Costs

The costs associated with setting up an office can be unmanageable for small and medium size companies. Costs such as furniture, rent, utilities, etc. can easily build up and stifle the growth of an otherwise promising enterprise. A virtual office eliminates the need for such a physical office and effectively lifts this financial burden off the business thus fostering profitability.

2. Eliminate Commute Time

Did you know that an average employee uses around three hours daily to commute back and forth their office? Well, if that time were used to progress the goals of the company, a significant change would surely be felt. This is exactly what a virtual office does; it eliminates the need to commute as the employee can work from anywhere.

3. Employees Become More Active

The traditional business model ties employees to an office for an upwards of 8 hours daily. This is dangerous. According to research by the University of Sydney, sitting at a desk for more than 11 hours daily can increase the chance of death by 40%. Employees working through a virtual office are free to move around and are generally more active than those in a physical office.

4. Flexibility for the Employee and the Business

The fact that an employee is not limited to a physical location or a schedule means that they can plan their time more elaborately to include activities that would otherwise be a workplace fantasy. Do you fancy an afternoon workout or swimming lessons with your daughter? Virtual offices allow you to accommodate such. This level of employee flexibility translates to fewer vacation days for the workforce meaning that the business can operate as a full-house almost all year round.

5. Worldwide Access to Talent and Resource

A traditional physical office limits the mobility of employees during emergency engagements not to mention that employees have to reside near the office location. So what happens when a client requests a face to face briefing on the other side of the world? A virtual office allows a business to pool talent from diverse areas where business is present without having to ‘move office.’ These employees can then occasionally meet clients on short notices and without exorbitant travel costs and allowances. As you know, diversity is freedom, and when you have a worldwide population to choose from, you are sure to get the very best talent.

The Latest for Busy Professionals 

Virtual offices are now a must have for businesses that are looking to the future. A future where employees can be sourced from the world over, can attain flexibility and lower commute time as well as operating overhead costs. As the concept gains popularity, these and other virtual office benefits can only get more elaborate.