Why More People Than Ever Are Considering Coworking

If you have recently become curious about coworking, you are certainly not alone! It has become a booming industry among people who are interested in changing up the status quo of work—and in the past 10 years, the coworking industry has seen growth of over 1,000%!

If you have thought that coworking might be a nice workspace solution for you, you will want to keep reading! Below, we are doing a deep dive into why people are so keen on coworking and the types of folks it benefits the most.

Why People Are Considering Coworking in Record Numbers

It provides more flexibility than a traditional office. Some people thrive with a full-time work-from-home schedule, and some people thrive with a full-time office schedule—but the reality is that the majority of people are somewhere in between. Most people like a sense of structure, but also want the ability to have autonomy and flexibility within their workdays, which makes coworking an ideal fit.

It can shorten commuting times. For many people, a long commute was once an inevitable fact of life, but these days, more and more people are realizing that it does not have to be that way. In fact, many companies are choosing to rent out coworking spaces for their employees closer to home. That way, they can provide a dedicated office space while also keeping people from having to spend hours of their lives in ways that are not beneficial.

It provides a sense of community. Many people like the flexibility of working from home while simultaneously missing the community of working in an office environment, in which case, coworking is a great fit. When you sign up for a coworking space, you are also signing up to be a part of that space’s culture. You can often meet a variety of people at a coworking space in both similar roles and roles that are wholly different from yours, which can add more community and culture to your life.

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