Why Time Blocking Is an Effective Productivity Strategy

There is certainly not a shortage of productivity tips out there for anyone who is searching, but figuring out which ones are the most effective is key to ensuring you are able to get the most done with each day you are working. One strategy that is effective for many people is time blocking, where you schedule each part of your day corresponding to what you have to do.

Time blocking seems to be an effective strategy for keeping people on task, reducing distraction and even preventing burnout—but how exactly does it work? Read onfor more information on this strategy.

Why Time Blocking Can Be a Helpful Time Management Strategy

It helps you track how you spend your time. Time blocking is a great way to get real about how much time tasks take, and keeps you committed to spending your time as effectively as possible. Sometimes, saying no is the best time-saving strategy there is, and time blocking can help you figure out when that is the best course of action.

It helps you with “deep” and “shallow” work. Deep work—work such as projects or high-level items that require mental resources—requires focus to get in the groove. Shallow work, such as answering emails, performing administrative tasks and attending update meetings, take a bit of time, but are not helpful in reaching big milestones in most cases. By time blocking, you can better differentiate between the types of work you are doing and when to ensure you can dedicate adequate resources to each thing you must accomplish.

It helps you work toward your goals. Oftentimes, our big goals are also the ones with the most ambiguous pathway to achievement. With time blocking, however, you can be sure you are setting aside a bit of time each day to make sure you are working towards whatever goal is up next for you. Whether you have a big project with a far-out deadline or you want to dedicate more time each day to document the work you are doing, setting aside time on your calendar is one sure way to make sure you have the time to get it done.

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