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8 Office Design Hacks for Greater Productivity at Office Evolution Jacksonville Bartram

While it may not seem like it, office design actually plays a huge role when it comes to our productivity. By creating a workplace that optimizes the space available, you can maximize your workflow, get rid of sluggish vibes, and increase mental focus.  

When you have a flexible office space, you can develop the right atmosphere for you and your staff to help stay efficient. In this blog post, we share various office design hacks for greater productivity, even if you’re working within a shared workspace.  

  1. Declutter Your Office Space

This tip applies to both private offices and shared workspaces. Areas that are too crowded with unnecessary things will often distract your employees and others who share your space. This will ultimately lead to reduced levels of focus — not just for your team but for everyone else working with you.  

Installing storage solutions can effectively help you declutter things such as digital devices and cables to make your workplace much neater.  

  1. Make Room for Movement 

This is a no-brainer. coworking spaces can be crowded when too many different teams work in the same space at once. Having a cramped office can make things worse and may give staff a claustrophobic feeling, where they might feel trapped within that area.  

Help your employees (and others around you) by incorporating an open space layout that will make the space airier. This will allow everyone in the shared space to collaborate and communicate more openly.  

  1. Choose Your Lighting Carefully 

Bad lighting may lead to a wide range of problems — such as drowsiness, headaches, irritability, and eye strain — while looking drab and uninviting at the same time. This isn’t just a problem for your team but also for others around you. No one wants to work for long periods of time when the lights are dim. 

To combat this, try mixing natural lighting into your office when possible, or look for light bulbs with natural tones to make your workplace more comfortable.  

At Office Evolution Jacksonville Bartram we are located in a Class-A building with tons of natural light to keep you on task and intent on your successful activities.

  1. Add a Touch of Nature 

Plants are a terrific addition to offices since they’re known to reduce stress and bring a sense of wellness to any environment while helping to purify the air around you. Placing plants around your office will help you achieve a brighter and more comfortable workspace to boost levels of productivity for everyone working within the shared space.  

  1. Add Noise Canceling Accessories 

Noise will often be one of the biggest challenges when working inside shared workspaces. Sharing a work environment with many other teams and different people can be highly distracting while raising stress levels, ultimately leading to a chaotic work environment.  

Having accessories like headphones that can block out all the noise from outside sources can be an effective way to reduce any distractions while maintaining your office aesthetics.  

  1. Designate Zones Around the Office 

You can try to break down the various parts of your office and designate various purposes for them, such as:  

  • Break room  
  • Lobby 
  • Conference room  
  • Lounge room  

By creating areas with division, you can provide your employees and those who share the space with you with a more fun and modern environment. It also encourages your employees and those around you to explore other interests outside of work.  

At Office Evolution Jacksonville Bartram we have private offices and meeting rooms as well as defined coworking space, kitchen, and break areas.

  1. Make Your Office Comfortable

When sharing your space with others, it’s imperative to take extra steps to ensure that your employees will feel at home while working. You can add elements that may help to give your space a sense of comfort for your employees, like bean bag chairs and rugs to take your contemporary office to the next level.  

Giving employees (yours and the others around you) a sense of ease will help to increase productivity in your workplace.  

  1. Add Timeless Decor 

Having an office that’s too plain may end up looking uninspiring and boring, which may lead to a block for your employees. Even small things can help to refresh your space. Invest in some art and other decorative pieces to develop a personalized feel for your office.  

Even the little things can bring new levels of energy to everyone who shares the coworking space with you and your team.  

Our Office Evolution location in Jacksonville is in a beautiful Class-A building near Bartram Park with easy access to free parking and accessible from 9B, I-95, and US 1. The interior is as striking as the exterior, both inspiring and captivating with lighting and artwork to encourage your productivity.

Improve Workspace Productivity at Office Evolution Jacksonville Bartram

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Whether you live in the Jacksonville area, choosing Office Evolution Jacksonville Bartram will help you be more professional, productive, and profitable.

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