3 Ways to Rent a Temporary Office in Jacksonville

At Office Evolution® Jacksonville FL, our temporary office rentals are reshaping the way people work. Demand for short term office space rentals is surging in major cities through the US, and Jacksonville is no exception. Now, we’re seeing interest in temporary office space from across the Jacksonville metro area, including in areas like Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, St. Johns Town Center, Mandarin, San Marco, and Southpoint.

Several factors are driving this rise in demand. Technology has made it easy to operate a home-based business or to bring your office with you when you travel for work. This has resulted in increased demand for temporary workspace rentals like day offices. At the same time, businesses are scaling more quickly than ever, and markets are rocked by disruption with increasing frequency. That’s led a number of businesses to shy away from long term leases.

Ways a Temporary Office can Add Value

To illustrate the value of temporary office space, we’ve collected three examples of value-driven ways to use a short term office space rental in Jacksonville.

1. Host Meetings in a Temporary Office or Conference Room

To host a meeting, you need somewhere to meet. But in an age of frequent flier miles and virtual office space, meeting space isn’t always available. If you’re visiting Jacksonville on business, or if you operate a business from your home, you’ll need to rent a meeting room if you want to host clients or investors.

Thanks to spaces like Office Evolution Jacksonville, this is much easier than it used to be. Our space offers conference room rentals and day office rentals, which come fully furnished and equipped, with a range of professional services. This way, you can rent office space for a day or by the hour whenever you need meeting space.

2. Temporary Workspace for Temporary Workers

The rise in demand for temporary office space has coincided with increased demand for temporary workers. Short term staffing allows businesses to shape their workforce according to market conditions, while avoiding fixed, long term costs. But if your business relies on frequent use of temporary staff, you’ll need to figure out where these staffers will work.

Workspaces like Office Evolution Jacksonville are the perfect solution. Our temporary office rentals and coworking memberships are ideal for businesses with fluctuating workforces. By renting additional workspace during periods of peak staffing, instead of maintaining unneeded office space during down periods, you can reduce your total overhead spent on office space.

3. New Venture? Accelerate Growth, Reduce Costs

In today’s economy, businesses are scaling at previously unheard-of speeds. If you’re launching a new business or project, your ability to compete will be dictated by your ability to scale quickly and cost-effectively.

This is yet another area where a short term office space rental can make a big difference. At Office Evolution Jacksonville, we offer temporary offices on flexible month-to-month agreements, providing businesses with pre-furnished, fully serviced workspace for new ventures. This reduces short term setup costs, accelerates the time it takes to grow your business, and keeps you free from long term lease agreements.

Learn more about temporary office rentals at Office Evolution Jacksonville. Call (904) 512-7393 today for detailed information on day office rentals and month-to-month private office leases at our location. 

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