3 Tips for Renting Temporary Office Space in Lakewood

At this point, everyone knows that high demand for temporary workers has been a defining business trend in recent years. Fewer people, however, are aware of a parallel trend in the world of office rentals. As demand for temporary workers has risen, demand for temporary office space has risen as well. You can see the impact of this trend right here in Lakewood CO, where businesses can use temporary office space in a range of different ways, including:

  • Out-of-town professionals can rent office space for a day at a time to give themselves a private workspace when visiting Lakewood on business.
  • Professionals without dedicated meeting space of their own in Lakewood can rent day offices to host smaller face-to-face meetings with clients, investors, and colleagues.
  • Startups can use short-term office space rentals to accelerate their operations, reduce upfront costs, and avoid the commitment of a long term lease.
  • Larger companies can lease temporary office space for use on short term projects, particularly when these projects are staffed by temporary workers.

In many cases, the benefits of a temporary office in Lakewood make it an easy decision to rent one. But after you make this first decision, you’ll then need to choose where to rent your temporary office in Lakewood. That’s not always so easy.

Choosing Temporary Office Space

If you’re finding this decision harder than anticipated, here are three tips from the team at Office Evolution® Lakewood Belmar CO to help you simplify the process.

Know What You Need in a Temporary Office

If you’re renting an office on a long-term lease, you’ll need to acquire furniture and equipment, coordinate utilities, and physically set up your workspace. But when you’re renting a temporary office, it’s a different story. To get full value out of a short-term office space rental, you should be spending as little money and as little time as possible on setting up your workspace.

When you’re searching for a temporary office in Lakewood, start by listing everything you need in a workspace. Then, when researching potential locations, measure each workspace against this list of features. In most cases, you should be able to find an office that requires only a few minutes of setup time.

Target Professional-Focused Workspaces

One of easiest mistakes you can make when renting a temporary office is to lose sight of your biggest priorities in an office. Metro Denver’s market for short term office rentals is dominated by trendy, Instagram-able workspaces. Unfortunately, many of these spaces were designed primarily to be trendy and photo-ready. How well they function as office space is a secondary consideration.

The takeaway? If you come across a space that looks like it was designed for photographs instead of for professionals, take a closer look and ask yourself if you’ll be your most productive inside of this space.

On a Budget? Explore Your Alternatives

When used strategically, a temporary office in Lakewood can help you build a leaner, more cost-effective budget for your business. But if you’re already working with a trim-as-can-be budget, you might have trouble making a short-term office rental work.

Before throwing in the towel, explore your alternatives. At Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar, our workspace solutions include coworking memberships in addition to day office and month-to-month office space rentals. If you’re looking for cost-effective access to high-quality workspace, and you want the flexibility of a short-term agreement, coworking could be the perfect fit for your needs.

Located in Lakewood’s prestigious Belmar district, Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar is ideally located for businesses and professionals in Lakewood, Sloan’s Lake, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, and West Denver. Call (303) 235-0989 today for detailed information on our workspace solutions, including temporary office space.