3 Ways Lakewood Professionals Can Beat the Work from Home Blues

Not too long ago, most people thought that working from home was a dream scenario. But now that high speed internet, cloud computing, and wireless devices have made working from home easier than ever, a lot of us are finding out that working from home isn’t as ideal as it once seemed. That’s led to something that the team at Office Evolution®Belmar-Lakewood sometimes refers to as the “work from home blues.”

Working from home can lead to a number of problems. These include everything from trouble focusing, to lack of productivity, to poor work-life balance. But for a lot of us, working from home just isn’t as enjoyable as we expect it to be.

If you work from home in Lakewood, Sloan Lake, Edgewater, or Wheat Ridge, this might sound a little more than familiar. The good news? We’ve got three ways to improve your job satisfaction when working from home in Lakewood, CO.

1. Design a More Workable Space

Most of us know that our work environment effects our health, mood, and performance. Yet when we talk to professionals who work from home in the Lakewood area, a surprising number say they haven’t spent a lot of time on the design of their workspace. Many don’t even have a dedicated home office.

In cases like these, giving your workspace a facelift can make a world of difference. Spend a couple of weekends designing and creating a home office that works for you, one that includes as ergonomic set-up, a distraction-free work surface, well-organized storage, and mood-boosters like natural light and greenery.

2. Do You Work From Home? Rediscover the World Outside

Working and living under the same roof can quickly leave you feeling isolated from the outside world. Loneliness is one of the most common complaints we hear from professionals who work from home in the Lakewood area. Another big one is feeling “boxed in.” Many home-based professionals can go days in a row without leaving the house, promoting a sense a claustrophobia instead of coziness.

Avoiding this sense of isolation usually means making an effort to reshape your habits and routine. Some of the best ways to do this include:

  • Take walks outside on your lunch or during work breaks.
  • Schedule regular lunches with people in your professional network.
  • See friends more often during the evening and on weekends.
  • Give yourself mini day-long vacations so you can get out of the house.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

One of the most effective ways to make working from home more enjoyable is to find an alternative workplace where you can spend part of your workweek. Some people like the energy of their neighborhood coffee shop. Others prefer the quiet of their local library. But in most cases, a shared workspace membership is the perfect alternative to working at home.

At Office Evolution Belmar-Lakewood, our coworking space is designed for productivity. It offers a thriving professional community, one that drives innovation and success. Memberships are available on a month-to-month or yearly basis and come with a full range of amenities and benefits.

Beat the work from home blues with Office Evolution Belmar-Lakewood! Call 303-235-0989 today to learn more about your membership options and claim one hour of free access to our coworking space.

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