5 Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist in Lakewood

Most self-employed professionals don’t have the luxury of a personal receptionist. Whether you’re a freelancer, a solopreneur, or the owner of a small business, that can make it tough to keep up with incoming phone calls. While we can’t provide you with a full-time employee to handle your phones, Office Evolution® Lakewood Belmar has the next best thing: virtual receptionist services.

A virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Lakewood Belm

Bodyar offers the benefits of a dedicated receptionist, but at a price point that won’t break your budget. A typical client on one of our basic plans saves 2+ hours a week, making your workflow more manageable and freeing up time for high-priority items.

The time-savings of call answering services are just one reason to sign up for a receptionist plan in Lakewood. Below, we take a look at five other benefits a phone answering service has to offer…

Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist in Lakewood

  1. Deliver Better Customer Service. There’s no way for one person to pick up the phone 100% of the time. With a virtual receptionist service from Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar, however, you’ll ensure that every caller to your business hears from a live agent. What’s more, these agents are recruited and trained for their customer service skillsets, projecting a friendly and professional image to your clients.
  2. Reduce Mid-Task Interruptions. Despite the so-called benefits of multi-tasking, research shows that people work better when they’re focused on a single task. A virtual answering service that provides call screening can reduce mid-task interruptions by blocking calls from telemarketers, wrong numbers, and other unwanted sources.
  3. Save Big on Phone Management. Without a call answering service, you either need to act as your own receptionist or hire someone else to do the job. In Lakewood, the cost of an in-house receptionist can be anywhere between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. Compare that to a virtual answering service, which can cost as little as $149 per month.
  4. Operate a Virtual Office. Digital technologies have resulted in a new generation of workspace solutions, including virtual office operations. A virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar is a great choice for virtual office operations, giving you a dedicated local phone number and 60 minutes of live answering every month.
  5. Professional Service Discounts. Virtual receptionist services at Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar deliver exceptional on-the-dollar returns. But if you’re running a virtual office, you’ll get even more value by choosing our Professional Plan Plus. This plan includes our live answering service, a business address plan, meeting room rental discounts, 24/7 access to our coworking space, and use of shared workspace at Office Evolution locations nationwide, including more than 10 business centers in the Denver metro area.

Virtual receptionist plans at Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar are available to professionals in Lakewood CO and surrounding areas, including Sloan’s Lake, Edgewater, Wheat Ridge, and West Denver. Call us today at (303) 235-0989 to learn more about our phone answering plans and pricing options.

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