5 Proven Career Benefits to Coworking in Lakewood

Over the past few years, coworking has become more and more popular in Lakewood and the surrounding communities like Wheat Ridge, Sloans Lake, and Edgewater. In fact, shared workspaces are reshaping the business landscape of the entire Denver metro area. If you work in one of these spaces, that isn’t surprising. But if you don’t, you’re probably wondering why everyone seems to be searching for a local coworking space in Lakewood.

The answer’s simple: people lead better work-lives in coworking spaces. How much better? According to researchers writing in the Harvard Business Review, professionals in shared work environments are performing at “unheard of” levels. In the most important study on shared workspaces to date, coworking professionals reported thriving at levels, on average, more than 20% higher than workers in traditional offices.

Lakewood Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

At Office Evolution® Lakewood-Belmar, it’s easy to see why professionals thrive when they rent a coworking space. Our workspace is home to a dynamic community of freelancers, start-up owners, remote workers, and other professionals. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons they’ve chosen our local coworking space in Lakewood’s popular Belmar district.

  1. Productivity. Workers are more productive in shared work environments like Office Evolution Lakewood-Belmar. These spaces give workers a greater degree of control over their work-lives, allowing them to create a schedule and establish habits that work for them. With 24/7 access to a focus-friendly space, workers can also get away from distractions whenever they need to.
  2. Community. Shared workplaces offer a much different sense of community compared to traditional offices. Workers aren’t competing against one another for assignments and promotions. Seating isn’t assigned, so new interactions occur more frequently. Meanwhile, workers don’t feel pressured to fit in with an employer’s corporate culture, giving them the freedom to be themselves.
  3. Collaboration. Teamwork and innovation occur naturally in shared workplaces. By building a strong community of diverse skill sets and backgrounds, a shared work environment creates the perfect collaborative workspace. Workers mutually benefit from one another’s talents and perspectives, with new ideas just a conversation away.
  4. Excitement. The shared workspace movement is literally changing the way people work and where they work. That’s an exciting thing to be part of, creating an energy that drives workers to new levels of achievement. It also attracts forward-thinking professionals, making shared workplaces some of the most innovation-friendly workspaces in America.
  5. Resources. A coworking membership at Office Evolution Lakewood-Belmar gives you access to key resources, equipment, and amenities — resources you won’t find in your home office or local coffee shop. Workers can use community printing, photocopying, and scan/fax capabilities, spend time in our fully-furnished kitchen, enjoy a free cup of coffee or tea, and get discounts on work space for rent, including day offices and meeting rooms.

You can enjoy all of these benefits and more when you join the coworking community at Office Evolution Lakewood-Belmar. Drop by on your next visit to Belmar for one free hour of shared workspace access and learn more about your options for membership.

Get more information on coworking at Office Evolution Lakewood-Belmar by calling us today at 303-235-0989!

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