What's the Strategic Value of Virtual Office Space in Lakewood, CO?

It’s no secret that the virtual office space concept is changing how businesses operate, but why is this movement gaining popularity?

Remote work is poised for explosive growth, with at least 70% of the global workforce working remotely at least part-time. As technology continues to become more sophisticated, the virtual office concept will likely follow suit.

More businesses in Office Evolution Lakewood (Belmar) are starting to recognize the greater value a virtual office brings compared to the confines of traditional office space. They’re tapping into talent pools in more than just their own backyard, ensuring they truly find the best people to fill their positions. They’re not having to invest in maintenance, landscaping, office furniture, or other expenses that can impede profits. They get a real business address instead of having to use their home address, giving them both privacy and legitimacy.

It’s not just a one-sided argument for employers, either. While companies are seeing major monetary benefits, their employees are equally thrilled with the virtual office concept.

Virtual offices eliminate the need for long commutes, which has been shown to reduce employee stress. Employees feel they have more control over their schedule and can better fit daily life into their work schedules. Many employees have stated that the option to work from home, at least part-time, attracts them to a company.

In general, remote work makes for happier employees, which allows them to better contribute to your business.

Read on to discover the value a virtual office can bring to your organization and how to decide if it’s your most viable option.