Easing the Journey from Solopreneur to Employer

Are you ready to take your solopreneurship to the next level?  

For many solo artists, this prospect is the stuff of nightmares. One day you’re working on building your own business, connecting with clients, and taking pride in your work. Then you step into the role of an employer, which means you’re now responsible for managing people instead of the business you worked so hard to build.  

You’re handing your dreams and life’s work over to someone else and showing them what to do. You’re scared of how they might handle it because you know it won’t be exactly the way you’ve done things in the past.  

But this is your chance to take what you’ve already made and turn it into something bigger, greater, and ultimately more profitable. You’ve hit the ceiling on what you can do on your own, and the only way to keep climbing is to enlist the help of others.  

For many solopreneurs, it’s a leap of faith they know they have to take if they ever want to move the needle. The prospect to earn new customers and make more money is too alluring to pass up.  

If you’re nervous about crossing the bridge from working in your business to managing it, this guide can help to put your fears at ease. Read more.


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