Travis Brown of Pod Decks

Meet one of our featured #dreamers, #risktakers, and #doers: Poddecks’ Travis Brown!  Travis Brown is inspired at Office Evolution Lisle, IL along with thousands of OE members across our 72 locations nation-wide.

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I feel like I’m all three. You have to have the dream, then you have to take a risk to start it and finally you have to do it to get it off the ground.

Travis Brown Dreamer Risk Takers Doers T-shirt photo cropAs fellow entrepreneurs, we would love to hear about your business.

My business helps create and edit podcasts for busy people who don’t have time to do the heavy lifting. I also made a course called, “Shortcut to Podcasting” so those I can’t personally work with can still practice with someone who researched, edited and monitored thousands of podcasts over the last decade. My goal in life is to help as many podcasters find their voice.

Who is your ideal customer?

If you are a coach, author or entrepreneur… Someone with an online presence who wants a podcast without editing it themselves…contact Travis at

What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

Schedule everything. It’s easy to get distracted. If I go to an Office Evolution, I’m able to completely focus on the work in front of me. Prioritize mental health, whether through meditation, exercise or simply a second pair of eyes checking in to keep you on track. Believe in yourself, and do everything you can each day to move that needle forward and you’ll be successful.

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