5 Tools to Help You Work Smarter

Stay Ahead of your Competition with these Five Virtual Office Tools.

We’ve always been looking for ways to work smarter and to be more efficient.  We’ve moved from ledger entries to QuickBooks online; from paper to computer, and from physical offices to virtual offices.  

In today’s technology driven world, businesses are always looking for ways to push the envelope and stay ahead of their competition.  

This is where Office Evolution comes in.  We’ve been giving businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals the core services they need with the flexibility the desire.  

Here are a few ways we help you stay ahead of your competition on a daily basis:

  1. No-Term Lease Agreement.  Never get locked into an auto-renewing lease for Virtual office packages again! Office Evolution offers a hassle free, month to month No-Term Agreement so you can test new packages or change your plan to fit your business as it grows. 
  2. Hassle free cancellation.  Whether you’ve been with us for three months or three years, simply give a 30-day notice. 
  3. Great Rates.  Affordable Member rates for Conference rooms, training rooms, Day offices, or Drop in and catch up on some busy work in our shared office space at our 10 locations along the front range.
  4. One Point of Contact.  Your dedicated Business center Manager is just a phone call away and will assist you with you directly with any questions or immediate needs that do arise from time to time.
  5. Quick and simple Startup.  Once you are a member, getting started is simple is easy. There are no lengthy agreements to review time and time again, because clients sign one Member service Agreement that effectively covers all of our business center locations. 

Contact Mimi Cafarchia today to learn more our team! 

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