5 Ways Coworking in Littleton can Boost Your Career

If you’re an independent professional in Littleton, CO, it can be hard to find an appropriate workspace. Your home office is filled with distractions. A private office strains your budget. The local coffee shop simply wasn’t meant for full-time work. One option you might want to consider is a local coworking space Office Evolution® Littleton. It could be the secret to a thriving career.

Shared workspaces are now understood to be some of the best places to work. Professionals in shared work environments report higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction compared to their peers. In the most significant study on shared workspaces to date, coworking professionals reported thriving at levels researchers had never seen before — more than 20% above the levels reported by workers in typical offices.

So what makes coworking spaces like Office Evolution Littleton such great work environments?

Littleton Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

When professionals rent a coworking space in Littleton, they thrive thanks to a number of key distinctions between coworking spaces and other work environments. Workspaces are open enough to foster conversation while offering the privacy workers need to be productive. Workers gain freedom over their schedules without sacrificing the structure needed to maintain a routine. Communities are built more organically, allowing workers to be themselves.

At Office Evolution Littleton, coworking can boost your career in a range of areas, including:

  1. Positive Energy. Forced interactions and internal competition can make office environments stressful for employees. But at Office Evolution Littleton, community members can leave office politics behind. Interactions occur naturally and people can be themselves more easily. The result: a more positive, more supportive work environment.
  2. Collaborative Workspace. Shared work environments, like Office Evolution Littleton, are perfect collaborative workspaces. Open design, fluid seating, and a diverse community of workers come together to create the ideal space for trading ideas, working as a team, and sparking innovation. In fact, some employers have started remodeling their workspaces using coworking space design principles to achieve team-oriented spaces.
  3. Work-Life Flexibility. Joining a shared workspace gives professionals total control over their work-lives, with the ability to work on whatever schedule they like. This is something people enjoy when they work-from-home. But unlike a home office, you don’t need to worry about blurring the lines between personal and professional boundaries, which can quickly undo productive work habits.
  4. Productivity Boost. Shared workspaces are known for being places where workers get things done. So much so that those working in traditional offices often take out shared workspace memberships so that they have a more productive space to work whenever they need one. When you have high-priority work, a workspace away from family and coworker interruptions will help you minimize distractions and maximize focus.
  5. Key Resources. One of the downsides to working from home or away from the office is a lack of key resources. Coworking at Office Evolution Littleton solves that problem. Our shared workspace memberships include discounts on meeting rooms and day office work space for rent. They also come with access to key equipment and amenities, including free coffee and tea in the break room.

Think coworking might be right for you? Why not give it a try at Office Evolution Littleton? Visit us today for one free hour of shared workspace access and learn more about our coworking memberships for professionals in the Littleton area. Located at 4 West Dry Creek Circle, we’re the perfect space for anyone who lives or works in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Ken Caryl, Englewood, or Roxborough.

Call 303-734-7104 to learn more about coworking at Office Evolution Littleton!

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