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An Interview with KC Kingsfield of A Better Choice In-Home Care

No one wants to lose quality of life as they age, or to be a burden on their families. In-home care is a service provided in order to enhance the lives of aging citizens, and to make life easier for their families. One such company is A Better Choice In-Home Care, with KC Kingsfield at the helm.

KC is a member at our Littleton office, and has been working with us for some time now.  She’s been using our offices as a key location for easing the lives of aging members of our society and their families. We sat down to talk with KC about his business and his time with Office Evolution.

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About A Better Choice In-Home Care:

Hi, my name is KC, and I am the general administrator for A Better Choice In-Home Care, we provide non-medical home health care services for the aging and the elderly, so we hope to keep individuals in their home as they go through the aging process and we hope to keep them safe.  We provide anything from housekeeping to bathing, transportation, and medication reminders. Our main goal is to enhance an individual’s life while they’re aging while also keeping them in their own home.

How do you differentiate yourself from others in your industry?

We differentiate ourselves by focusing more on the caregiver.  This industry has a lot of competitors  Our focus is more towards finding a good caregiver. We offer much higher wages than most of our competitors do [and] we host trainings. We’ve actually joined with other home health care agencies and we created a nonprofit collaborative so that we were able to host trainings and make sure the individuals we’re sending into the homes are qualified to do the work we’re asking them to do.

Why did you get into the in- home care business?

I come from a family of nurses.  My mom and my sister are nurses and both my grandmothers were nurses. The compassion aspect was always something that was very important to me. I’m originally from California.  Both my grandparents, as they were aging, I saw how it impacted my family as they were just having trouble around the house and the dynamics that it caused in our family.  It was just something that I wanted to get into. I wanted to be able to selfishly have the relationship with a “grandma figure”.  I also felt there was a whole generation that was forgotten about once they were retired.  I felt compassion for them so I wanted to be able to give back. 

How has the industry changed over time? 

Within the last two years, we’ve started using an all online scheduling systems. I have caregivers across the whole entire Denver metro area.  It was becoming a difficult task for me to be able to make sure that individuals are where they’re supposed to be.  Using an online system we can use GPS tracking to make sure [the caregivers] understand where they’re going. 

On the flip side, there are some really great technological advancements that are happening for senior citizens themselves. There are some iPads that are being manufactured with bigger lettering or bigger kinds of tools that the seniors themselves can use. 

So really it’s trying to find a way to bring in new age technology and things that we’re all used to, and bring it to this whole group of individuals who have never really used that before.

What are Your Best Business Tips?

Business Tip #1- Keep Open Line of Communication

For me personally I think my first business tip is to always have open lines of communication, whether it’s with the team that’s working for you or whether you are working directly with the client or consumer. Often times I am surprised by how little contact people may have with one another and I think that business is definitely neglected because people can’t have that open dialogue and do that one on one communication.

Business tip #2- Be Appreciative

I also think that treating, if you do have a team that works for you, being appreciative and valuing the work that they’re doing is important. Whether it’s someone that’s just opening mail for you, or someone who is taking all your calls, whatever the job may be, it’s very important for it to make the whole machine work.

Business tip #3- Stay Up To Date

I think just having confidence and taking the initiative, to make sure that you’re staying up to date on what it is that you want to be doing. If there’s a lot of education in the field that you can stay up to date on, I think people just read passion really well.  If people know that you’re doing work that you care about, then I think that all the other things will fall into place…success, and money and those things fall into place for us when we’ve seen that we’re doing really good work. 

What do you like most about Office Evolution?

The flexibility.  

Also the professional appearance that it allows us.  Whenever I meet with clients or caregivers, it’s really great to be able to have a key location.   

Everyone is extremely friendly that works here.  Everything is maintained really well.  It’s a great visual appearance.  When people come to meet they know I am who I say I am.  I have this professional building and people behind me.  As a small business owner, that’s a huge asset for me to have. For me to be able to pop in and out of the office but always know that someone is here if something were to happen is an invaluable asset for us especially in this type of work.

For more information about KC Kingsfield and A Better Choice In-Home Care, stop by Office Evolution in Littleton.

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