Clues You Have Been Hacked

Do you think you might have been hacked, but are not sure.  How do you tell? The signs that you might have been hacked are often found in clues by how your machine is acting.  Has your computer:

1) Had your antivirus programed triggered saying there is a problem, especially if it says is it unable to remove or quarantine certain files?

2) A program keeps requesting you to make changes to your system even though you have not changed the program or updated it?

3) Have certain applications keep crashing?

4) Have new icons for apps your are familiar with appear on your desktop?

5) Have new accounts appear that you did not create?

6) Has your browser homepage suddenly changes or it is taking you to a page/website that you did not desire?

7) Have your mobile devices suddenly have unexplained high data usage or battery usage?

8) Have friends been asking you to stop sending messages you never knew were sent?

9) Is one or more passwords no longer working even though you have not changed them?

If one or more of of these appear, your computer may have been hacked.   It is important to take action and get it corrected soon.  The quicker you respond, the more likely you can reduce the harm to you and your computer.  

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