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An Interview with Jeff Langeberg of Accurate Accounting and Tax Services

People normally think of Mom & Pop shops as being exclusively food or hardware or convenience stores in small towns. Jeff Langeberg and his brother, Mark, are in an interesting field for family owned businesses to exist in- tax preparation and accounting.  

Jeff and his brother bought their dad’s accounting business, Accurate Accounting and Tax Services, in 1997, and have been working hard ever since. We sat down with Jeff the other day to talk about his business, and his time officing with Office Evolution.

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About Accurate Accounting and Tax Services.

My name is Jeff Langeberg, and our business is Accurate Accounting and Tax Service.  It’s a small, family run business my father started back in 1984.  He ran the business up until 1997.  At that time, he sold the business to myself and my younger brother Mark, and we’ve been running the business since 1997.  We’re coming on our 20 year anniversary.

How do you differentiate yourself from the giants of tax and accounting?-

If you come to us, you’re going to have a one stop, a one person shop. I’m the one who answers the phones.  Immediately you can say, “Jeff, I’m having such and such problems”. I pull up your file.  I’m the one who worked on that.  I have the knowledge of what’s going on.  So it’s not like somebody has to come in on the backside and review the file and say, “okay I’ll get back to you tomorrow”.  I pull the file.  We answer the question.  We take care of the problem right at that point. 

Also, we take care of everything. A lot of companies have somebody do their bookkeeping in house, then they’ll send their tax returns out and they’ll have an outside payroll prep company doing that for them.  There’s a lot of different areas.  They’ll have to go over here for one part of the accounting, they’ll go over here for another part and try to bring them all together at one point.  It’s kind of like I’ve run into with other things.  If you have a problem at your house and you call somebody and “it’s not our fault, it’s the window people. It’s not our installation, the window is bad”. Same thing with your computer, “It’s a software problem, rather than it is with your data entry or whatever.” 

So we’ve got everything in one place.  It saves you from having to jump around and try to track people down.

Jeff’s Best Business Tips:

Business Tip #1- Keep Good Records

The things that I think are most important for a business owner is good record keeping.  The reason I say that is because as an accountant, as a tax preparer, if you don’t have good records, then whoever’s doing your tax returns, be it yourself or an outside person, without good records, you won’t be able to prepare a correct tax return and get it filed. 

Business tip #2- Keep Employees Happy

Especially today, most people are looking for an extra quarter or something like that. So if you’re paying $9 an hour, and they talk to Sue down the road and she’s paying $9.25, they’re probably going to jump.  You want to make sure when you get somebody in there you do all their paperwork correctly as far as W-4’s, I-9’s, and everything else.  Then you want to give them an incentive to stick around. You want to make sure you work with them.  Make sure you keep them in the loop.  Make sure you’re a good boss with them so you can keep them on.

Business tip #3- Keep Track of Financials

Seven years is what you want to do for business related records and personal records for income tax purposes.  The reason for that is, for instance, if the IRS or somebody or Colorado finds an issue on your 2015 tax returns, and you’ve been filing the same type of return for all those years that gives them the ability to go back and look at previous years. So that’s the reason you want to try to have records for up to at least 7 years. 

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

I love having everything under one roof.  I’ve got a copier, I’ve got telephone, I’ve got fax, I’ve got everything I need.  Mimi is awesome.  Every time I ask her for something, every time I talk to her, she 100% takes care of me.

When I first started out of my house 20 years ago, it wasn’t an issue because I didn’t have as many clients.  A lot of them came to me at my house at all hours.  People would call at 8 o’ clock on Saturday, “Can I come by and bring my tax stuff because you’re probably home? So I’m gonna be coming to your house in half an hour” and things like that. That’s one of the big advantages of having an office space, we have the conference rooms downstairs, we have the day offices right here, and then I have my permanent office.  I meet with clients in my office, or, if it’s two or three people, I can use the conference rooms.

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