Popular myths about co-working and flexible office suites

Coworking and Flexible Office Space Myths


Popular myths about co working and flexible office suites include:

· Only startups and tech bros use co working / flexible office suites

There is a lot of diversity in co working and flexible office spaces, from ages to genders to professional industries. General co working spaces will have diversity of all types while niche spaces can cater to women only, specific industries, and even offer amenities like free beer and artistic creative tools for modern artists. Co working spaces have evolved to fit the new era of remote workers.

· It’s just like working at a coffee shop or at home, only more expensive.

Remember the last time you tried to do work at a coffee shop and were constantly interrupted by a group of people having a lively conversation over lattes? Co working spaces may have coffee, but they’re zones of productivity, not neighborhood gathering places.

· There is no privacy.

Co working spaces and flexible office providers actually offer more private offices and office suites for teams than seats in wide open areas. In addition to private offices and team suites, many offer segmented, secluded areas for you to work with a small team or private phone booths if you need to speak with a client or coworker. Remember, everyone is there to work, so although there can be noise, the space is also filled with professionals

· Only freelancers use co working spaces

Large and small companies alike use flexible spaces to bring on teams in new areas quickly. It can be cheaper for a small business or startup to use a co working space than leasing office space.

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· All co working spaces are the same

Niche spaces cater to specific needs. Large scale co working spaces all have different office locations and amenities, so there are differences. Although co working giants may offer a standard array of amenities, each of their locations is unique, even if they have multiple offices in a single metro. For smaller, local spaces, the range of amenities, amount of desk space, and cost will all vary widely. It’s likely you can find what works best for you.

· It’s unprofessional to meet clients in a co working space

Places like Industrious and We Work have professionally planned and designed spaces that rival the aesthetics of top agencies, making it much cooler than meeting at a local coffee shop.

As it increases in popularity, the use of co working spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and anyone needing a professional meeting environment has tapped into the potential of co working spaces. As a neutral, professional meeting space, co working environments are much better suited for meetings than coffee shops.

· Co working is only for internet-based work

Co working and flexible office suites do skew towards people who can pick up and work anywhere as long as there is WiFi but that doesn’t mean that is the only option. There are niche co working spaces for artists and designers, places with amenities that cater to people who have more nontraditional work requirements.

· Only major metros have co working spaces

As more people work remotely and small businesses and startups are booming, co working spaces are emerging even in smaller metros and suburban areas. Smaller, flexible office suites may have fewer amenities and smaller square footage, but most users want a short commute so it makes sense for them to be everywhere, including the suburbs.

· Getting a membership to a co working space is expensive

Most places have different membership tiers, dependent on how often you plan to use the co working space. Some offer day passes if you only need to use the space infrequently or offer passes several times a month if you’re hoping to get away from the home office occasionally or meet with clients.

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