Simplifying Your Financial Life

Simplifying Your Financial Life-

An Interview with Jervis DiCicco of Spectrum Planning Group

Financial stress is a reality, and one that affects millions around the earth. Money is a constant worry for people in regards to their present and future. People like Jervis DiCicco are around to take away that stress from your world, make you happier, and help you better understand your financials in the process.

Jervis is a member at our Littleton office, and has been working with us for some time now, using our offices as a headquarters for helping people ease the stress on their lives and transforming their fiscal way of life. We sat down to talk with Jervis about his business and his time with Office Evolution.

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About Spectrum Financial Advisor

Hello, my name is Jervis Dicicco, I am a financial advisor with the Spectrum Planning Group, and we help clients create wealth maps to help them reach their financial goals.

How Spectrum is Different?

The most important thing to understand about our company and the way we do business is that we’re an independent company. That means we don’t have any reason to do anything that’s outside of the client’s best interest.  Instead of looking to sell a particular product, I think about my business as having a bunch of tools in a tool box and I’m going to use the tool that’s right for the job, that’s right for that client.

Why did you get into the Financial Services Business?

Financial stress is a huge challenge for a lot of people, and I see my greatest asset as being able to help remove that from someone’s life. People talk about investment picking and they see commercials and they hear the talking heads say if you just buy the right investment it will make you rich. The reality is that isn’t true. For most people, building wealth is the work of a lifetime, and I want to help people do that intelligently and responsibly.  I want to take that big challenge off their plate so that they can focus on the things that really matter. At the end of the day, money is just a tool.  It doesn’t keep you dry.  It doesn’t feed you.  It doesn’t clothe you.  It isn’t a place to live.  It’s just a tool.  If you don’t learn to use that tool effectively, you won’t be able to have the things you want and need for yourself and the people you love.

Success Story

I had a woman come in who had recently lost her husband.  She was in her early 60’s at the time. She had a lot of concerns, and a lot of questions.  I really like working with people that are dealing with a life transition or a crisis, because it’s really rewarding for me to help take someone from crisis, back to normal- to help relieve the stress that can come with dealing with money. Sixty percent of all depression cases list money as the number one or number two reason. So to be able to take that off of someone’s plate is really rewarding for me. For this individual, not only did I identify a plan to help her retire with a financial plan that would enable to maintain her lifestyle indefinitely, but actually helped her retire a year early.  I helped her protect her and her family’s assets from her parents’ long term care issues.  As the oldest daughter in a family, I recognized that as an issue that needed to be taken care of as well.

Best Business Tips?

  • Business Tip #1- Listen

    Learn to listen. The challenge with listening is that prospects won’t generally tell you exactly what their problems are. A lot of people are afraid to say that they’re cash strapped.  A lot of people are afraid to tell you what really scares them.  A lot of people are afraid to tell you what’s most important to them. So listening is an active process that involves asking good questions and listening…not just to what the prospect say, but to how they say it. My first meeting with a client is always all about listening to them. I never present any product, I never push any concept or strategy on them, I just listen to them.  

  • Business Tip #2- Educate

    Business is really about solving problems for people, and you can’t help a client make an informed decision if they don’t understand the solution you’re offering them.  The only challenges I’ve had in my business have been when clients haven’t understood the strategies that we’ve used.  If the client doesn’t understand the solution and why it’s right for them, it isn’t going to work out. 

Educating Clients

What I do to help my clients become informed is I break those [tools] down into simpler ideas, simpler concepts to help them understand what’s the purpose of this tool. You may not understand how a power drill works, but you know what it does.  I use metaphors like that to help clients understand, “hey, this is what this financial tool can do for you, this is what it does, and in brief this is how it does it.” They wouldn’t be working with me if they wanted to understand exactly how all of those things work, so giving them the basics as to what the tool is and what it accomplishes is much more important than having them understand the engineering behind it.

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

What I like most about office evolution is simplicity. I’m able to come in everyday, have my office, have my phone, have my internet, have access to the kitchen, the copy machine, the conference rooms, the receptionist, the mail services. All of these different services and all I do each month is write one check. I know what that check is going to be every month, it doesn’t change with how much long distance I use, how much internet I use. It doesn’t change with how often my wife goes and gets a cup of coffee whenever she comes into the office.  That is really important to me.  I believe, and I tell my clients this all the time- simplicity is luxury. Luxury isn’t having the latest and greatest, luxury is having a life that is easier, and Office Evolution makes my life and my business much easier.


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