Telephone Answering Services in Littleton: 6 Need-to-Know Facts

If you operate a small business in Littleton, CO, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about hiring a local telephone answering service. Phone management is one of the trickiest task for small business owners, particularly those who face high call volumes. Between all of your other responsibilities, it’s rarely possible to answer all of your incoming calls. And when you do pick up, it could be a spam call, throwing off your focus and productivity.

Hiring a local telephone answering company, like Office Evolution® Littleton, solves these issues. Every call to your business is answered by a live agent with a friendly personalized greeting, and calls can be screened to prevent robocalls and unsolicited pitches from salespeople. Telephone answering services are affordable for even one-person companies and independent professionals. It’s little wonder, then, that these services have become so popular.

Despite their growing popularity, some businesses are hesitant to hire a telephone answering service. Others are inclined toward virtual receptionists, which offer automated services instead of live answering. To help small businesses in Littleton make the right decision for their needs, our team has compiled six key stats that illustrate the impact of phone reception services.

How Telephone Answering Services Make a Difference

  1. Stop Losing Hours and Money to Spam Calls. Spam calls hit small businesses harder than larger businesses, which almost always have screening practices in place. Because of this, spam calls are estimated to cost American small businesses $500 million year over year.
  2. Make Sure Callers Receive a Friendly Greeting. Even the friendliest recorded message will leave callers feeling a little bit cold. In a recent survey comparing live answering to virtual reception services, 90% of consumers preferred live agents compared to 3% for virtual receptionists.
  3. Create a Satisfying Customer Service Experience.People don’t just do a better job of sounding friendly — they also do a better job of solving customers’ problems. Customers report that only 1 in 10 calls to automated systems result in a satisfactory customer service experience.
  4. Minimize Hold Times for Clients. Nobody likes being put on hold. So it’s important to know that virtual reception systems increase hold times by 118%compared to live answering systems. That’s a big deal for modern consumers, who have reduced patience for wait times.
  5. Stop Missing Incoming Calls. There’s simply no way for most small business owners to answer every incoming call. In fact, 62% of calls to small businesses go to voicemail or go unanswered. Meanwhile, a live answering company can make sure that every customer has their call answered.
  6. Add Hours to Your Workweek. Screening and answering calls chews through valuable time every week. That’s why remote receptionist services from Office Evolution Littleton are so valuable for small business owners. A typical client saves two hours a week, time they can dedicate to income generation and business growth.

Telephone Reception Company in Littleton, CO

Small businesses in Littleton, CO, don’t need to look far for the ideal telephone answering service. Live answering plans from Office Evolution Littleton are perfect for small business phone management, offering live reception, call forwarding, and dedicated local phone number. Our services are enjoyed by small businesses in Littleton and nearby communities like Highlands Ranch, Ken Caryl, Englewood, and Roxborough.

Call 303-734-7104 for detailed information on telephone answering services from Office Evolution Littleton.

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