4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in Lone Tree

The leap from a home office or a coworking membership to your own private office usually happens with a small office rental. Here in Lone Tree CO, small office space is readily available, but the quality of office space ranges from rental to rental. While some small office rentals in Lone Tree offer everything independent professionals need in a workspace, others aren’t much of an upgrade over a typical home office.

To help you distinguish the best local small office rentals from lower quality options, here are some tips from the team at Office Evolution® Lone Tree.

What to Look for in Small Office Rentals

  1. Look for the Space and Equipment You Need. Square footage is an important number when you’re renting an office, especially smaller offices where every bit of space counts. But square footage can sometimes be deceptive. An extra 25 or 50 square feet won’t be worth it if the office you’re renting is poorly designed, in an inconvenient location, or improperly outfitted.
  2. Look for an Energized Professional Community. Studies have shown that people are more productive, motivated, and happy in settings where they’re surrounded by other professionals. Renting an office in a coworking space can keep you energized through your workday, open up networking opportunities, and prevent a bad case of “small office fever.”
  3. Look for Workspace Suitable for Client Interactions. If you’re planning on hosting clients at your new office, you’ll need a space that makes that possible. For one-on-one meetings, you’ll need a small office with space for two, or access to a pre-furnished day office rental. Meetings larger than that will require an onsite conference room rental.
  4. Look for Productivity-Positive Features. Renting a small office can be a counterproductive move if you rent a space that reduces your focus or work performance. A noisy, dim, or poorly equipped office rental can have that effect. On the other hand, a well-designed office should increase the quality and quantity of work you accomplish day to day. Some small office rentals include features and services designed to increase productivity — like live phone reception services, or access to important equipment.

Small Office Space at Office Evolution Lone Tree

At Office Evolution Lone Tree, we know that finding the perfect small office rental isn’t easy. That’s why we offer a range of small office space options for independent professionals and small business owners in Lone Tree.

Our location offers coworking space memberships, dedicated desk rentals, micro office and private office rentals, plus meeting spaces and offices for rent by the day or the hour. Professionals at our offices enjoy fully-furnished workspaces, free coffee and tea, staffed front desk and telephone reception services, plus a host of other features and amenities.

Call 303-734-7140 today to learn more about small office rentals at Office Evolution Lone Tree.

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