5 Home Office Problems Solved by an Office Rental in Lone Tree

Running your business from home can be convenient and cost-effective. But as your business grows, you may find that your home office can’t keep pace. Working from home can put a serious strain on small business owners — especially when operations start to scale. At this point, maximizing productivity and profitability might mean moving your business to an office rental. So how can entrepreneurs in Lone Tree, CO tell when it’s time to upgrade their home office to an office rental?

Are You Outgrowing Your Home Office?

For home office-based entrepreneurs in the Lone Tree area, the switch to an office rental at Office Evolution® Lone Tree is often the natural next step. We’re more than familiar with the biggest home office concerns faced by Lone Tree’s small business owners. We also know which signals to look for if you’re worried you’re outgrowing your home office.

Here are five of the biggest signs that your home office is holding back your business:

  1. You’ve Become a Part-Time Receptionist. A home office means you manage all the administrative work. It’s little surprise that 41% of entrepreneurs who work from home report problems with time management, which can be corrosive to productivity and billable hours.
  2. Your Address Is Impacting Your Image. If your corporation has a residential address, it can impact your reputation and stunt your business’s growth among high-level clients.
  3. Your Workspace Is Suffering from Overflow. Your home’s tiny spare bedroom was perfect when you launched your business. Now you can barely find room for a new file folder, and you’re desperate for additional space.
  4. You’re Concerned About Privacy. A growing home-based business can lead to privacy concerns, particularly if it requires circulating or publishing your address.
  5. Your Home Life Is Impacting Business Growth. As your business grows, every hour is precious. If chores, children, pets, and other interruptions start to eat away at your productivity, an office rental could be crucial to scaling your business.

Benefits of an Office Rental in Lone Tree, CO

Switching from a home office to an office rental at Office Evolution Lone Tree can help you become more productive, more profitable, and accelerate the growth of your business. Our office rentals come with a number of advantages over a home office, including:

  • Dedicated receptionist, phone answering service, and mail system.
  • Private, away-from-home workspace where you can focus on important tasks
  • Furnishings, office infrastructure, and office equipment ready for use.
  • Access to conference rooms, co-working space, and day offices.
  • Convenient location near amenities, easily accessible by car or transit.

Learn more about Private Office rentals at Office Evolution Lone Tree today by calling 303-734-7140.