5 Reasons Lone Tree Workers Thrive in Our Coworking Space

If you’re looking for a way to give your career a boost, you might be thinking about joining a local coworking space in Lone Tree, CO. That decision could be a game-changer for your career and your work-life. Many professionals join shared workspace communities because they’re looking for a change of pace. But studies show that a shared work environment has much, much more to offer.

At Office Evolution® Lone Tree, we’ve seen how coworking can transform careers, giving workers the boost they need to reach completely new heights. We’re far from the only ones to notice this effect. A 2015 report by the Harvard Business Review revealed that workers who belong to shared workspace communities report levels of thriving much higher than other professionals.

How much higher? High enough for the researchers to say that their results were “something so unheard of that we had to look at the data again.”

Benefits to Coworking in Lone Tree, CO

What makes a shared space such a positive place for professionals? We’ve identified the following five factors as key reasons why Lone Tree professionals thrive in coworking communities.

  1. Opportunity. When you’re working in an office, you’re professional network is inherently limited. The problem becomes even worse if you’re working from home. But when you’re in an environment filled with other independent professionals, all with different backgrounds and skill sets, your horizons open up. A shared workspace is the perfect place to find your next client, your next contractor, or your next professional partnership.
  2. Performance. Coworking spaces like Office Evolution Lone Tree have been carefully designed to maximize productivity, incorporating key features proven to boost job performance. They also eliminate the distractions of modern offices and home workspaces, giving you a place where you can focus on your biggest priorities.
  3. Community. In the HBR study, one of the researchers’ key findings was the sense of community they found in shared workspaces. Workers found it much easier to engage with one another, strike up friendships, and foster professional relationships. Unlike in a typical office, they didn’t need to worry about forced interactions with others. Researchers found that even professionals who kept to themselves still enjoyed and benefited from this sense of community.
  4. Teamwork. A stronger sense of community turns coworking spaces like Office Evolution Lone Tree into collaborative workspaces. In a collaborative workspace, you’re surrounded by freelancers, contractors, and remote workers with a diverse set of skill sets and work experiences — a mix that naturally leads to teamwork and innovation.
  5. Freedom. When you’re part of a shared workspace community, you have a level of freedom that most professionals only dream of. You set your schedule. You choose how you want to work. You decide what your highest priorities should be. Even if you want to work from home or your company’s office for part of the week, you can switch between workspaces whenever you like.

Looking to rent a coworking space in Lone Tree? Look no further than a shared workspace membership or a dedicated work space for rent with Office Evolution Lone Tree. Whether you’re a freelancer, independent contractor, remote worker, or small business owner, you’ll thrive within our coworking community.

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