A Virtual Office in Park Meadows Won't Break the Bank

A Virtual Office in Park Meadows Won’t Break the Bank

Three ways a Virtual Office in Park Meadows makes Cents!

First off, let’s start with a quick definition of what is a virtual office?  Many of us have heard this phrase around the coffee shop, but do we really know what a virtual office is?

A quick Google search will bring back results pointing to the freedom & flexibility of a virtual office.  At its core, a virtual office is freedom for a business. 

  • Freedom to work from home but have a professional face to your business. 
  • Freedom to use professional meeting space when & where you need. 
  • Freedom to keep your costs low.

3 Ways to Save Costs with a Virtual Office in Park Meadows

  1. Low start-up costs – A virtual office in Park Meadowssaves you money. Compared to starting up an actual office space where the business is responsible for all startup costs and infrastructure; members who rent a virtual office in Park Meadows share the cost for most of the services.  The core infrastructure services like Wi-Fi, kitchen, drop-in space, telephone answering, etc. are all included.  This allows you to keep your startup costs down and allow your business to use the savings in more productive ways.
  2. Overall savings – Office Evolution members who rent a virtual office in Park Meadows lower their ongoing overhead costs as well.  Working from your home is part of the flexibility behind the virtual office in Park Meadows.  Because Office Evolution virtual members don’t actually rent an office space, overhead costs are significantly lower.  When you compare a comprehensive virtual office in Park Meadows to a la carte options (e.g. renting a PO Box, a business address in a prestigious area, a professional building location, front office staff, etc.), the virtual office in Park Meadows allows your company to maintain a professional image at relatively low monthly investment. Our members share overhead costs on most services with other users of those services, which in turn saves the member money.
  3. Front office presence – What’s the going rate for a talented front office staff?  Unlike maintaining independent office operations, our virtual officemembers rely on our Business Center Managers and our Client Services staff to answer phones, handle questions or special requests, greet your guests, sign for your packages, collect your mail, and much more.  A virtual office in Park Meadows will give you the flexibility you need to continue to grow your business.  

Experience the “FREEDOM” that a virtual office space with Office Evolution can give you and your company.

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