Business with Wheels

An Interview with John Boyd of Cool Car Guy

You wouldn’t think Office Evolution would house a member that works with cars, as having a huge garage is usually a prerequisite, but the sales side of cars is a thriving business for John Boyd.

We sat down with John to talk about his 6 years of business and officing at Office Evolution while operating Cool Car Guy.

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About the Cool Car Guy.

My names John Boyd, I’m known as the Cool Car Guy. I’ve been in business for 12 years, and I buy, sell, trade, and lease vehicles for people. I have my license at a dealership, and so I have a salesperson’s license, so I’m licensed to do what I do. I also have my life insurance license, and one of the reasons why I have that is because I show people how to use creative financing using their whole life insurance policies that they can borrow against. 

How do you differentiate your business?

I’ve been doing this for twelve years and all of my business is repeat and referral.  I really don’t advertise, I have on my cars, that’s about it; I have my website which is a blog, and ya know people will go there and they’ll read about different articles that I’ll write about. Sometimes I’ll write about CarFax if you’re having a problem with carfax. Or maybe if your insurance company totaled out your vehicle and you’re upside down because you didn’t know that you could get an appraiser and it’s written in your contract and just things that people don’t necessarily know because they don’t do this every day.

What’s your favorite client success story?

A client of mine came to me with his Range Rover.  There’s not a lot of experts with Range Rovers that are at your traditional auto shop. You need to find somebody who knows what they’re doing. In this particular case I put my client in touch with someone who had been a Range Rover mechanic for 12 years.  Within just a few minutes, we saved my client from making a $3200 repair mistake.

Best Business Tips?

Don’t Lose Money:

The number one thing to realize in business is that business is a lot like a lemonade stand. You learn that as a kid, you have your product and you have to make a profit. And rule number one is don’t lose money, rule number two is see rule number one. You’re in business to earn a profit… you want to maximize profit and minimize cost.

How has the industry changed over the last 10 years?

There have been dramatic changes; and some of the biggest changes are just related to the internet. I’m sure a lot of other business people have experienced the same thing. There’s some really creative marketers that are out there. There’s a service that tells you that they’re going to give you the real car price on the vehicle, and I won’t mention their name, but we all know who they are, they run a lot of ads. What people don’t know is that they’re getting a kickback from the dealer of about $750 when they recommend that price. So I know dealers that absolutely love that service.

What has been your experience with Office Evolution?

It has been great!  What I really like about this location is, number one- location location location. It’s easy for people whether they’re coming from North, South, East or West to know where Park Meadows Mall is, and that we’re so close to Park Meadows Mall off of Yosemite and Park Meadows Drive. It’s easy for people to find. 

I’ve been at this Office Evolution location for going on 6 years. One of the things I really like about it, if someone’s thinking about coming to Office Evolution, is the convenience of having a receptionist downstairs. I can leave keys for a vehicle that’s parked out front.  If a wholesaler is coming by to pick up the car, I’ll just tell them to call Corinne and pick up the vehicle that’s sitting out front.  She has the keys.  Somebody can drop off a title and leave it with her so I know that it’s there. So from an efficiency standpoint, it makes me a lot more efficient just by having that receptionist there. 

It definitely makes it much more professional. 

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