FAQ's about the Lone Tree Meeting Rooms

Frequently asked questions when reserving Meeting Rooms at Office Evolution in Lone Tree

While reserving one of our Lone Tree Meeting Rooms is extremely easy, we often find that many people have questions of all types regarding meeting rooms, such as their uses, what’s included, booking and our pricing structure.

In the next few paragraphs will answer the most common questions about our Lone Tree Meeting Rooms.

What types of businesses require the use of the Lone Tree meeting rooms?

Any type of business, at any time, may require a larger space on a regular or on an occasional basis. This could be for sales or board meetings, brainstorming sessions, staff trainings or the launch of a new product. Businesses, charities and a variety of private and public companies may also require a conference or training room. The Lone Tree meeting roomscater to any company in need of a small, medium or a large room.

What can I expect to pay for a meeting room?

Costs for one of the Lone Tree meeting rooms can vary, depending on the size of the room and the length of the time needed.  For the most accurate pricing for your event contact CJ at lonetree.co@officeevolution.com

Can I book one of the Lone Tree Meeting Rooms for multiple days?

Yes, you can.  Some meetings are short and others require multiple days of congruent strategy sessions.  Booking one of the Lone Tree meeting rooms for multiple days will help you to have the most productive meeting possible.  The Lone Tree meeting rooms are very popular, please call well in advance for multiple day sessions.

What additional services are included when reserving a meeting room in Lone Tree?

The Lone Tree meeting rooms offer; complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee, tea & water, whiteboards, projection screens and a receptionist to greet and meet your clientele.  

How long in advance do I need to reserve one of the Lone Tree Meeting Rooms?

  • How large of a room you require?
  • Will the location fit your needs?
  • Are there any additional services available that you company may require?

We are usually able to accommodate groups of 4-6 in one of the efficient Lone Tree meeting rooms with short notice. However, if you need a large room to accommodate more guests, such as a training room, you should reserve a meeting room with a good amount of notice to ensure the space is available. 

For more information about meeting rooms or office space for rent in Lone Tree, contact us by calling 303-578-1215.