Rent Mailbox Space for Your Home-Based Business in Lone Tree

Do you operate a home-based business in Lone Tree CO? If so, you might want to think about renting a private mailbox for your business. Business centers like Office Evolution®Lone Tree offer the chance to rent mailbox space and a dedicated business address for as little as $79/month.

Private mailbox rentals offer a host of benefits for home-based small business owners — benefits like privacy, security, and a stronger professional image. And if you’re interested in other professional services, like live phone answering or a coworking membership, you can save big by bundling these services together.

Benefits of a Private Mailbox Rental in Lone Tree CO

When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Lone Tree, you can operate a virtual office. To the outside world, a virtual office operates just like a typical office-based business, with a dedicated professional address. Meanwhile, you can continue working from home, your favorite coffee shop, or your local coworking space, saving you tons of money in office space rental fees.

Beyond big savings on office space, a mailbox rental offers a host of additional benefits, including:

Privacy. When you operate a small business, you need a business address. And while you can choose to keep this address off your website or your business card, it will show up on public records and other documents. By renting a private mailbox with a dedicated business address, you can keep your home address private. (You’ll also keep your personal mail and business mail separate.)

Security. As a business owner, the security of your mail is no small matter. Sensitive documents from clients must be kept safe and secure. That’s not necessarily possible with a residential mailbox. At Office Evolution Lone Tree, we know how important security is when you rent a mailbox for your business. We offer secure, locked mailboxes for regular mail, as well as secure front-desk parcel reception services.

Image. A residential address can make it hard for clients and/or customers to take you and your business seriously. This is true even if you manage to keep your address off of most important documents. It’s a dead giveaway that you work from home. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Lone Tree on the other hand, your business will have a dedicated local address.

Private Mailbox Rentals at Office Evolution Lone Tree

If you’re looking to rent a private mailbox in Lone Tree CO, there’s nowhere better to start your search than Office Evolution Lone Tree. We rent mailbox units for as little as $79/month. A standard Business Address Plan will give you a locked mailbox with a dedicated Lone Tree address, secure front-desk reception of parcels and packages, and discounts on meeting room rentals.

In addition to our standard mailbox rental plans, we also offer Professional Plan and Professional Plan Plus packages. On a Professional Plan, you’ll enjoy a business address plan, plus 24/7 access to our coworking space. With our Professional Plan Plus, you’ll also enjoy our live phone answering service, making it even easier to operate a virtual office in Lone Tree CO.

Learn more about how to rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Lone Tree by calling us today at 303-734-7140.

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