The ROI of a Shared Office in Lone Tree

At Office Evolution® Lone Tree CO, our shared office rentals and coworking memberships are the perfect choice for anyone looking to do more with less. By joining our coworking community or renting a private office at our workspace, freelancers and small business owners can reduce workspace costs, boost productivity, and join one of Lone Tree’s most innovative professional communities.

In bringing the shared workspace model to Lone Tree, we’ve lowered the price point of high-quality office space in Douglas County, while expanding the scope of what office space rentals can achieve. This combination — decreased costs and increased performance — is transforming the way people think about office space in Lone Tree and, ultimately, the way they do business.

The Savings of Shared Office Rentals in Lone Tree

Shared office environments like Office Evolution Lone Tree allow freelancers and small business owners to, in effect, pool their resources. This lowers the cost of office space without compromising its quality. Community members can choose between coworking memberships and private office rentals, both of which are offered at affordable rates.

Here are some of the ways that Office Evolution Lone Tree reduces the costs of shared office space:

  • The costs of shared services, equipment, and work areas are proportionally distributed, lowering their overall cost for each member of the community.
  • Coworking space, private offices, and other work areas are fully furnished and ready for use, substantially reducing the upfront costs of a new workspace.
  • Our shared workspace model allows us to offer steep discounts on phone answering services, business address plans, and meeting room rentals to members of our community.
  • We offer month-to-month options for coworking memberships and private office rentals, offering critical financial flexibility to freelancers and businesses.

Functionality & Innovation in Lone Tree

Despite the affordability of shared office space in Lone Tree, many of these spaces offer a level of functionality rarely available to freelancers and smaller companies. This is partly driven by the services and resources provided by coworking spaces. But it’s also a matter of culture. In shared workspace environments, workers are more innovative, productive, and satisfied than they are in traditional offices.

Below are a few of the productive benefits offered by shared office space at Office Evolution Lone Tree:

  • We’ve carefully designed our private offices and coworking areas to encourage focus and productivity, while improving the health, comfort, and well-being of our community.
  • Our professional services, including phone answering and business address plans, help small business owners reduce distractions and administrative busywork.
  • Office rentals and professional plans at Office Evolution Lone Tree include access to Office Evolution business centers nationwide, including 10+ locations in greater Denver.
  • Shared workspaces spark interactions between community members, creating an ideal environment for collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking.

Discover the ROI of shared office environments with a visit to Office Evolution Lone Tree CO. Call us at (303) 734-7140 to schedule a tour of our shared workspace and learn more about our coworking memberships and private office rentals.