Five Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office in Longmont

At Office Evolution® Longmont, one of the distinctive features of our private office rentals is the fact that they come fully furnished. While other office rentals offer little more than four walls and a door, we provide furnished office space with all the basics you need in a personal office. Each office comes with ergonomic seating, generous desk space, and secure storage, along with a private phone line and high-speed internet.

While some professionals still prefer to self-furnish their own workspace, an ever-growing number are switching to furnished office rentals. Wondering whether to make the leap yourself? Below are five of the biggest benefits you’ll enjoy by renting an office at Office Evolution Longmont.

Benefits of a Furnished Office Space Rental

1. Furniture costs. Whether you’re buying it or renting it, office furniture comes with a substantial price tag. The cost of an ergonomic chair + desk combination can easily exceed $1,000, and that’s before you buy additional furnishings. If you’re on a smaller budget or renting a temporary workspace, a furnished office is a cost-effective investment.

2. Setup time. Furnishing an office doesn’t just take money. It also takes time. After renting an unfurnished office, it can take days or weeks to get your workspace fully outfitted. An office at Office Evolution Longmont will require minimal setup time. In fact, many of our members get to work within a matter of minutes.

3. Professional image. A private office is the perfect place for one-on-one meetings. But if you’re hosting clients, you need to think about how the look of your office reflects on your business. All our offices have a crisp, professional aesthetic, perfect for the modern entrepreneur or independent professional.

4. Office ergonomics. You know how important it is to have an ergonomic workspace, but unless you’re an expert on office ergonomics, it’s easy to make small mistakes that have a serious impact on wellness and productivity. Our offices were designed around ergonomic principles, giving you a workspace that encourages wellness and productivity.

5. Serviced workspace. All our office rentals are fully furnished and professionally serviced. Every rental comes with an array of professional amenities and resources — like phone answering services, a business address plan, and discounts on meeting room rentals — that help small businesses compete with larger competitors.

Take a Tour of Office Evolution Longmont

If a furnished office rental sounds like the right fit for your needs, we suggest taking a tour of our business center. Our offices are located on South Hover St., right by the Village at the Peaks. We’re less than five minutes from Ken Pratt Boulevard, offering easy access to Boulder and the Denver area.

By visiting our offices, you’ll get a firsthand look at our furnished workspaces. At the same time, we’ll show you our shared work areas, including our coworking space, office kitchen, mail area, and meeting rooms. You’ll also learn about the various perks and amenities we include with every office rental, and you’ll experience the dynamic atmosphere our workspace has to offer. Book a tour of Office Evolution Longmont and learn more about our furnished office rentals by calling us today at 303-827-2401!

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