Making the Most of Small Office Space in Longmont

Running a successful small business means making savvy choices that allow you to do more with less. So if you’re looking for office space in Longmont CO, it’s a smart move to focus on smaller, affordable spaces, provided that they offer the functionality your business requires. If you’re lucky, a small office space in Longmont could prove more affordable and more functional than a larger, costlier office.

Don’t believe us? Then it might be time to pay us a visit at Office Evolution® Longmont. We offer private office rentals in a shared work environment. This is an ideal situation for small business owners in Longmont, giving you the functionality of a larger workspace on a small office price tag. It’s the very essence of “more with less,” and it’s changing the way people do business in the Longmont area.

Choose “More with Less” Small Office Space in Longmont

Until recently, a small office rental in Longmont left you with a tiny office space and few resources at your disposal. You would sign a long-term agreement and get a bare, unfurnished space and little else. That means you’ll need to be creative about how you organize your space, and even then, you won’t have access to some of the resources of your larger competitors.

But thanks to shared workplaces like Office Evolution Longmont, small office space rentals no longer feel so small. Instead of renting a standalone office, you can rent a private workspace within a larger, communal work environment. You’ll still have a private office for your business, and you’ll still pay small-office rates, but you’ll enjoy the kinds of tools and resources that only a larger workspace can support.

Here’s a brief rundown of key ways in which a small office space at Office Evolution Longmont differs from other small office rentals:

  • Our offices are fully furnished and can be set up in a matter of minutes.
  • We give the option of renting small office space in Longmont on a flexible, month-to-month agreement.
  • Members of our workspace enjoy unlimited use of our coworking area, perfect for days when you need to change gears or want to feed off the energy of other professionals.
  • We have onsite meeting rooms and a day office available for rent, with slots available at deep discounts for members of our workspace.
  • Every office rental comes with a Business Address plan, which includes a private mailbox, a professional mailing address, and front desk parcel reception services.
  • Office rentals also include a Live Answering plan, which gives you 60 monthly minutes of live phone answering services.
  • Our workspace includes a beverage bar with unlimited coffee and tea, complimentary Wi-Fi for you and any guests, and professional equipment for printing, faxing, scanning, and copying documents.

Learn more about small office space rentals at Office Evolution Longmont by calling us today at 303-827-2401 or visiting our workplace in South Hover.

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