Rent an Office in Longmont on Your Terms

Renting an office for the first time can be an eye-opening experience for small business owners in Longmont. Before testing the market, you might think of your first office as a highly functional space that allows you to work on your terms. But when you try to rent an office in Longmont, you find yourself facing a bunch of bare, no-frills workspaces on burdensome multi-year leases.

That’s why we take a different approach to workspace rentals at Office Evolution® Longmont CO. Instead of renting empty office space, we offer fully furnished workspace rentals, bolstered by a range of inclusive amenities and resources. At the same time, we make it easy to rent an office in Longmont on a month-to-month agreement. This way, you get the functionality you need in a workspace, without the unwanted burden of a multi-year agreement.

Rent an Office in Longmont That Works as Hard as You Do

When you rent workspace at a typical business center, you get an empty room, a couple outlets, and little else. Meanwhile, when you rent an office at Office Evolution Longmont, you get so much more than a bare-bones workspace.

Each office at our Longmont area business center is fully furnished, including ample desk space, secure storage, and ergonomic seating. Hesitant to shell out hundreds of dollars on office furniture? Unsure what type of furnishings will make you most productive? Worried about the appearance of your workspace? Our furnished office rentals will give you an attractive, modern workspace that’s been carefully designed for focus and productivity.

On top of this, we offer a wealth of additional resources and amenities. Our private offices include phone answering and business address services, discounts on meeting room rentals, and access to shared work areas, equipment, and utilities. This way, independent professionals and small business owners can enjoy the kinds of resources that are typically only found in larger, multi-office workplaces.

Office Space in Longmont on Flexible Agreements

Over the past few years, there’s been an upswell in demandfor flexible office space. More and more businesses are growing uneasy with long-term, multi-year lease agreements, preferring the flexibility of month-to-month office space.

At Office Evolution Longmont, we give you the choice between a longer-term rental and a month-to-month office lease. A flexible rental agreement offers a range of benefits, particularly for small business owners, recent startups, and independent professionals.

  • If you’re attempting to scale your business at a rapid rate, you won’t be stuck in an office several sizes too small.
  • If you’re renting your first office on a limited budget, you don’t need to commit to an expensive, multi-year lease.
  • If you prefer a try-before-you-buy approach, you can rent a workspace month-to-month until you’re ready for a longer-term lease.

Whether you’re looking for functionality or flexibility, we’re the perfect place to rent an office in Longmont. What’s more, as an Office Evolution Longmont member, you’ll enjoy access to other Office Evolution shared workspaces in the Denver area and throughout the U.S.

Call (303) 827-2401 to learn more about how to rent an office at Office Evolution Longmont CO or to request a tour of our workplace!

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