Shared Office in Longmont: Functionality Meets Affordability

A great workspace — like any other business investment — should deliver a strong on-the-dollar return. Until recently, this could be a challenge for small-budget businesses and self-employed professionals in the Denver area. That’s changed with the arrival of shared office communities like Office Evolution® Longmont CO.

By leveraging the cost-efficiencies of shared work environments, we’ve bridged the divide between functionality and affordability. The result? Stronger workspace ROI for Longmont-based professionals and businesses.

The ROI of Shared Office Space

The shared workspace movement may be a recent phenomenon, but the cost-efficiencies of shared work environments are nothing new. There’s a reason, after all, why larger companies will put 20+ or 30+ people into the same workplace instead of renting a private office for every member of their staff. As a general rule, shared facilities reduce workspace costs on a per-employee basis. This is great news for businesses with sufficient staff to run a larger workplace. It’s a different story for self-employed professionals, remote workers, and smaller companies.

That’s where shared workspace like Office Evolution Longmont enters the picture. By leveraging the cost-efficiencies of larger workplaces, a shared office can reduce workspace costs for independent professionals and small businesses.

Many shared workplaces — including Office Evolution Longmont — take things a step further, using these efficiencies to provide their members with a range of productivity-boosting features and professional amenities. The result? Better on-the-dollar value for Longmont-based professionals and businesses.

Shared Workspace in Longmont CO

At Office Evolution Longmont, we offer a range of budget-friendly workspace solutions, making it easy to find the right space for your needs at a price-point in line with your budget. Our solutions include basic shared workspace memberships, professional services plans, and private office rentals in a shared office setting.

Each of our workspace solutions includes a range of professional features and amenities, helping you make the most of every workday. Some of our most popular features include:

Meanwhile our members enjoy the proven benefits offered by shared workplaces. The freedom and sense of community found in shared office environments has a measurable impact on members of shared workspaces. In fact, studies have shown that members of shared offices report stronger metrics of job satisfaction and professional success than their colleagues in traditional offices.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of shared work environments? Call Office Evolution Longmont at (303) 827-2401 today for detailed information on our workspace solutions and schedule a tour of our shared office.

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