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Why Rent Short Term Office Space in Longmont?

Until recently, it was hard to find short term office space in Longmont CO. But with the arrival of Office Evolution®Longmont, things have changed. Our business center gives you the option of renting a private office on a flexible, month to month agreement, with a range of features to help you make the most of your short term rental.

At Office Evolution Longmont, our short term office rentals can be used in a range of ways: As a starter office for satellite operations. As a launchpad for a new startup. As a workspace for temporary collaborations. Or simply as a regular office, but without the long term costs of a typical, multi-year lease.

And if you rent a short term office at our business center, you’ll be far from alone. Here in Longmont, and across the country, short term and month to month office rentals are becoming more and more popular — a trend that is likely to continue for years to come.

A New Market for Short Term Office Space in Longmont

Over the past several years, demand for short term office space has grown in Longmont and throughout the Denver area. But this phenomenon isn’t restricted to Longmont and Denver. In fact, you’ll find growing demand for short term office rentals across the U.S., especially in major metro areas.

This rising demand has been driven by a number of factors, including the widespread success of the coworking movement. At the outset of the coworking movement, coworking spaces became known for offering flexible, month to month memberships. These proved popular not only with freelancers and remote workers, but also with fast-scaling startups and forward-thinking small businesses. Demand soon emerged for flexible office rentals, and a new wave of coworking spaces emerged, offering private office space on month to month agreements.

Technological advancements have also played a big role in the short term office rental movement. Silicon Valley-style disruption has led to increasingly fluid, fast-paced, and volatile markets. In these circumstances, a month to month agreement can be much safer than a multi-year lease.

New technologies in Longmont and beyond have also made short term office space more functional. Cloud storage, in particular, has been a huge leap forward. With files stored in the cloud, you can open up a new office in a matter of minutes, and it takes just as long to close it down. Compare this with the time and money it takes to set up an onsite dedicated server, or even a paper filing system.

At Office Evolution Longmont, our private office rentals can give you the flexibility, affordability, and functionality you’re looking for in a short term office rental. Each of our offices can be rented on a long term or month to month agreement, and each office includes all necessary furniture, phone, and high-speed internet, plus a range of professional amenities. Whether you’re renting for just one month or more than a year, we have the ideal short term office space in Longmont for your needs.

Call Office Evolution Longmont CO at (303) 827-2401 to learn more about our short term office space rentals.