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HCF7089 Home

Feb 14, 2023

Love this place and it’s largely due to Nichole, the new office manager. She makes sure everyone is taken care of and feels at home. Plus since she arrived, she’s taken the look of the place up a notch, lots more decor and friendly signage to make sure all goes smoothly. I look forward to going into the “office” now.

Susan Metzger

Feb 03, 2023

Nicole, the manager of this location does a super nice job. She set up a special office just for therapists, and it’s perfect for my couples therapy practice. She’s very accommodating, and the offices are clean and well-appointed. Nicole even made a sign with my name that’s always in place before my clients arrive. I couldn’t ask for more.

Jessica Ditty

Nov 18, 2022

I love being a part of Office Evolution Longmont! Nichole, the office manager is amazing and does a great job fostering an inviting office environment. I use the shared office space and never have trouble finding a space to sit and bust out some work. And it’s very easy to book day offices if needed.

Erika Archer

Nov 09, 2022

Coming in to work here at Office Evolution – Longmont is a pleasure. As a REALTOR (R), it’s an ideal place to call headquarters, with easy access to all of Longmont and the surrounding county – and it doesn’t hurt that it shares a parking lot with Starbucks and several restaurants. Our office is private, bright, and allows for the ability to come and go as we please 24-7. All of the facilities — the conference room, the shared kitchen, the bathrooms – are modern, clean, and welcoming. Not only is the Business Manager, Nichole, extremely pleasant and thoughtful, but she is also focused on fostering a community. This translates to networking opportunities if wanted – with plenty of privacy to hide away if preferred. I actually have the ability to work from home whenever I want – but why? It just…feels better here.

Scott Thompson

Nov 08, 2022

I have been renting a private office from the Longmont OE location for about 18 months now and it’s perfect for my needs. The whole office suite is very clean, quite, and respectful. The location is great but what really makes it is Jeanne, the office manager, who is very prompt and happy to help with anything.

Edit: Over the last few months, things have gone downhill quite a bit at this location. Jeanne, the previous office manager was reduced to half-time, and then she left. Since, they’ve maintained their half-time front-desk support and it really takes away from the overall experience of a coworking space. Really hope they return to full-time front-desk support

Edit 2: Luckily the attempt at a part time office manager was short lived and they now have a full-time manager that is fantastic (Nichole). Things have been so much better since she’s taken over.

tyler Claus

Mar 18, 2022

Great office space. Office evolution is a great place for a temporary office or if your are a small business that needs a place to meet client. For those who travel get a corporate account and drop in to any location. You can sit in the social work area or rent the day office for a small additional charge. Also a great place for large meetings in the conference room that your can rent. Business center manager Jeanne Meyers is amazing, extremely helpful. There is a great community at the longmont office.

tyler Claus

Mar 18, 2022

Ryan Atkinson

Mar 04, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Office Evolution in Longmont while our office was closed during COVID. The facilities are really nice and the location is convenient – having Starbucks, Wahoo Tacos, and Noodles in the same parking lot was a perk. I used the common spaces, conference rooms, and private offices. All of the options suited my needs perfectly. Jeanne is a true professional with a commitment to customer service. If the need ever arises I’d certainly renew my membership.

Jenny Baker

Feb 16, 2022

Bright and clean office! Jeanne is wonderful to work with. She is always so friendly and willing to help.

Ainagul Holland

Feb 09, 2022

I’ve been a member at this location for over a year now and am very happy with everything I get as a member here. Shout out to our amazing business center manager, to Jeanne Meyers, she’s been incredibly helpful, supportive, and professional every step of the way. The office is always clean, quiet, plenty of parking space, great location, easy to book conference rooms and many other advantages in having a membership at this location. So if you are looking for a place, I highly recommend to at least consider the Longmont Office Evolution.

Heather McGarry

Feb 02, 2022

I love this place! Comfortable, quiet offices and conference rooms, friendly people and a perfect location (same parking lot as Starbucks and PostNet). It’s so much easier to get projects done in an office outside the home. Jeanne at the front desk makes everyone feel welcome and keeps the office clean and sanitized. The LAN connection is stable and fast.The kitchen is stocked and the printer is available for whatever I need. Thanks, Office Evolution!

Jenn Pena

Jan 27, 2022

Office Evolution has been a great meeting space! The parking is never a problem, the front desk is super helpful and responsive, the space is clean, the location is easy to find and convenient and the prices are reasonable. Would definitely recommend!

Jennifer Hosburgh

Oct 25, 2021

A great place to do business, quiet and easy for my clients to find.

Jon Fukuda

Aug 19, 2021

Casey Havner

Aug 14, 2021

Nice place

Nandita Ray

Jul 21, 2021

So lucky to have this gem of a co-working space available on my recent trip. Situated within easy walking distance to several stores, restaurants, and gyms. Plenty of parking. Option for 24/7 access. Convenient kitchen space and meticulous facilities. Jeanne is stellar and got me settled into my office-away-from-home in no time flat. Highly recommend!

Coban Bassett

Jul 13, 2021

Jeanne has been fantastic. She takes care of everything in a timely manner. I really couldn’t ask for more. Thank you!

Sebastian Vega

Jul 13, 2021

I really like working here. It is clean, quiet, professional, great coffee.
I got locked out once (my own fault) during a holiday and the staff went out of their way to help me get back in within 30 minutes! Great attitude!

Jacob Trujillo

Feb 26, 2021

Always a great experience at OE. Jeanne is always responsive and tailors to custom requests. I love the offices and the modern, updated feel. Overall, a very great place to comfortable work throughout the day.

Stephanie Geyer

Feb 15, 2021

I don’t know how I would have survived this pandemic without Office Evolution! With a high schooler and community college kid doing online classes at home and a spouse who works from home from time to time, running my new marketing consulting business at the kitchen table (or deck, with the dog and chickens attending every meeting) was unsustainable. I started by coming in for some private office hours to do important client calls and board meetings. Now I’m there, in my own office, every day! I have a quiet, safe and comfortable space that helps me present a professional appearance on my daily Zoom calls. Great location to pop out for a walk or grab coffee (Starbucks), lunch (Noodles) or snacks (Sprouts). I’ve worked from home for 23 years and never thought I’d go back to an office. Now I have the best of both worlds!

Nathan Pinder

Jan 28, 2021

Office Evolution in Longmont is fantastic. I’ve been using it as my primary work location for about 3 months and couldn’t be happier. The office manager, Jeanne, is very helpful and always makes sure things are running smoothly! I highly recommend this for your office away from home!

Mike Arvin

Sep 03, 2020

This was our second time using space at the Office Evolution in Longmont. In addition to the topflight service provided by Jeanne Meyers and her staff, we found the large conference room with its convenience to everything else in the suite to be the kind of setup that anyone would appreciate. Good job Jeanne–we look forward to our next visit !!

Kelly McSparin

Jul 23, 2020

This Office Evolution location is amazing. Being able to use the smaller conference rooms for meetings has been a tremendous resource for my small business. The rooms are always clean and the building has a very professional atmosphere. The internet is great! The office manager, Jeanne, is always so friendly, accommodating and responsive. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of! I would highly recommend this location to any entrepreneurs in the area.

Mauricio Martinez

Apr 30, 2020

I can’t say enough good things about Office Evolution in Longmont. The location is ideal. Plenty of parking. Great hotel right next door. Great restaurants across the parking lot. The office space is modern and well appointed. But quite honestly, their greatest asset is their business manager, Jeanne Myers. She takes great care of my clients when they arrive. So grateful!

Update… It’s been a couple of month’s since my review and I just need to add something more. It’s not just the great facilities they have here or the great job they do greeting my clients. It’s the types of businesses they attract. During a very casual conversation I got to know one of the owners of Phenyx, a digital media marketing firm. Turns out, just the firm I was looking for to help me move to the next level of growth. Pretty cool.

Mauricio Martinez

Feb 28, 2020

I can’t say enough good things about Office Evolution in Longmont. The location is ideal. Plenty of parking. Great hotel right next door. Great restaurants across the parking lot. The office space is modern and well appointed. But quite honestly, their greatest asset is their business manager, Jeanne Myers. She takes great care of my clients when they arrive. So grateful!

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