How to Choose a Live Answering Service in Los Gatos

If you’re a small business owner in Los Gatos, managing phone calls can be tough. On the one hand, it’s unlikely that you can afford a dedicated receptionist. On the other hand, your busy schedule makes it hard to keep up with incoming calls. The solution? Getting a live answering service.

With an answering service, you can stop worrying about missed calls and focus on other aspects of your business. In the meantime, each call to your business will be answered by a live agent. This gives your business a more responsive and human approach to customer service. And it reduces the risk of having callers hang up before they have a chance to leave a message.

But before you get started with a live answering service, you’ll need to find the right one. That’s a lot easier at somewhere like Office Evolution® Los Gatos, where we can build a plan to suit your specific needs. To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s an overview of how we develop these plans.

Choosing the Right Live Answering Service in Los Gatos

Basic Plans

A basic phone answering plan at Office Evolution Los Gatos will give you 60 minutes per month of live answering, with a personalized greeting for your business. We also include email notifications for new voicemail messages, as well as discounts on meeting room rentals.

For a lot of small businesses, this plan does more than enough to meet their needs long-term. For others it’s a great starter plan, allowing them to upgrade later on. In either case, it’s usually a smart choice if you’re getting an answering service for the first time.

Add-On Features

In discussing how your business operates and what you need from an answering service, it might become clear that you need a plan with additional features. The good news is that Office Evolution Los Gatos can design a custom plan to fit your needs and budget.

That might mean increasing the number of minutes covered by your plan each month. Or it could mean adding additional steps for screening calls. If you operate a multi-person business, it could even mean adding new numbers for call forwarding.

Package Deals

By getting a live answering service at Office Evolution Los Gatos, you can save on other professional services. Our custom plans include bundles with other popular services at our location, like business address plans and coworking memberships.

This is a great choice if you operate a virtual office, giving you an affordable centralized way to manage your operations. Our professional service bundles work great for small business owners based in the Los Gatos area, including San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Saratoga.

Call Office Evolution Los Gatos today at (669) 244-4002 to learn more about our live answering service!

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