What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Los Gatos for Businesses?

If you’re starting a business, you’re probably starting it at home. Unless you need a physical business location, a home business will be much cheaper to launch. And while you might not love the idea of using your home address as your business address, this can be solved with a mailbox rental in Los Gatos.

At Office Evolution® Los Gatos, our business address services are built for home business owners just like you. So if you’re looking for a mailbox rental in Los Gatos, here’s what we offer compared to alternatives like a PO box or a private postal center.

Other Mailbox Rentals in Los Gatos, CA


Pros: A PO box is one of the simplest ways to get a mailbox rental. With a PO box, you’ll have the basics covered. Your home address will remain private, and you can keep your personal mail and business mail separate.

Cons: If you list your business address in marketing materials, having a PO box address is less than ideal. It also means you can’t operate a virtual office. And while the post office will accept parcels sent through USPS, they won’t sign for parcels sent through private couriers.

Private Postal Center

Pros: A mailbox rental at a private postal center will give you a mailbox with a street address — not a PO box number. And unlike the post office, most private postal centers will happily accept parcels from private couriers

Cons: At first glance, a mailing address at a private postal center looks like a real business address. But if someone decides to look up that address, they’ll see that it’s a postal center. This can be an issue if you list your address in marketing materials, and it makes it impossible to run a virtual office.

Renting a Mailbox at Office Evolution Los Gatos

Want a mailbox rental that’s designed specifically for small business owners? In that case, we suggest starting with Office Evolution Los Gatos.

Our location offers a wide selection of private, lock-and-key mailboxes for small business owners. Unlike the post office, our parcel reception services include parcels from private couriers. And unlike a private postal office, your mailing address will look just like a private office. So you’re free to include your mailing address on marketing materials or run a virtual office.

By renting a mailbox at Office Evolution Los Gatos, you can also save big on small business services. We offer onsite printing, scanning, and copying. Our members who rent a mailbox also enjoy discounts on meeting room rentals at our location. You can also bundle your mailbox rental with other popular services to save money on live phone answering or a coworking membership.

Situated at 16185 Los Gatos Blvd, Office Evolution Los Gatos is an ideal spot for renting a business mailbox if you’re based in the Los Gatos area, including San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Saratoga.

Need a mailbox rental in Los Gatos, CA? Call Office Evolution Los Gatos at (669) 244-4002 today to learn more!

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