Why Rent a Virtual Address in Los Gatos?

As more businesses in Los Gatos operate without traditional office space, virtual address services are becoming increasingly popular.

For an example, look no further than Office Evolution® Los Gatos. Our business address plans provide small business owners with a private mailbox and a business mailing address, which looks and functions like the address to one of our office rentals.

By renting a virtual address at our location, small business owners enjoy a wide range of benefits, including the five listed below.

Perks of a Virtual Address in Los Gatos

Parcel Management

Courier deliveries pose a couple of problems for work-from-home entrepreneurs. First, they disrupt the workday, often at the least convenient times. Second, they require you to stay in one location if you’re waiting for a specific delivery in Los Gatos. Our virtual address plans solve this by receiving your parcels, storing them securely, then allowing you to pick them up whenever it’s most convenient.

Online Marketing

Businesses without a physical location tend to depend on their online marketing efforts. Yet many online marketing channels restrict usage to users with commercial addresses. Unless you want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per month on office space, you’ll need a virtual address to access these locations in Los Gatos.

Branding & Image

Now that it’s easier than ever to run a business from home, more people have the chance to start small businesses. But without a commercial address, your business may be perceived as less-than-serious by clients or investors. A virtual business address allows you to list a commercial address on materials like your business card, website, or invoices, giving you and your business a more authoritative image.

Meeting Space

At Office Evolution Los Gatos, renting a business address has additional benefits, including discounts on conference room and day office rentals. This way, you’ll always have access to affordable, on-demand meeting space for meetups with clients from Los Gatos, San Jose, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, and Saratoga. And because you’re renting a mailbox from our location, your meeting spot will match up with your listed address.

Small Business Services

Another benefit of renting your address from our business center? The savings you can enjoy on small business services. At Office Evolution Los Gatos, you can bundle a business address plan with live phone answering and a coworking membership to save on all three of these services.

Learn more about virtual address rentals at our business center by calling Office Evolution Los Gatos today at (669) 244-4002!

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