Could a Hybrid Work Structure Benefit You?

With the rise of technology, globalization and new communication tools, the way we work is undoubtedly changing. Workplace structures, workweek requirements and workspace preferences have all experienced a shakeup for the past few years, so if there was ever a time to reevaluate what work structure benefits you the most, this would be it.

While many of us internalized the need of a 40-hour week, 9-to-5 days and isolated cubicles for productivity, that is far from what the modern office of today looks like. Hybrid, flexible working models are the latest trend, and if you are curious about what these look like, read on to learn more!

Would a Hybrid Work Model Help You Get Ahead?

Hybrid, flexible work is a hot new trend for a very good reason. Not only is it linked to higher productivity, but there is also evidence to support that it can help people achieve a better work-life balance and feel more satisfied with their job performance.

If you are considering whether you may like a hybrid working model, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Would I like the flexibility of choosing where I work?

If you enjoy the buzz of an office but also enjoy the quiet of a dedicated workspace, a hybrid work model might be for you. This way, you can work in a quiet area when you need to, but can enjoy the benefits of being in a communal space with others when that better suits your mood.

Do I want a workspace without an extensive commute?

Hybrid work is often cited as being a better choice for people’s mental health and wellbeing, and one of these reasons is that people are able to choose when and how they commute. A long commute can seriously derail your day, but if you are working in a flexible space that is closer to home, you can choose when to commute and cut the time you spent heading to and from work down drastically.

Do I only need meeting rooms/conference rooms/etc. some of the time?

If you are considering working in a flexible coworking space, you may be worried that you can never take a private meeting again, but that is not the case! A proper coworking office will still have meeting rooms and conference areas available, so if you only need quiet rooms a portion of the time, that can still be a good fit.

If you are considering working in a flexible, hybrid work space, we would love to chat! Our coworking office features everything you need to work on your own terms. Contact us today to learn more.