How to Make the Most of Your Breaks During the Workday

If you are used to being constantly overwhelmed with a long to-do list, taking precious time away from your desk during the workday may feel counterintuitive—but if you do it right, it can actually be extremely helpful to your overall workday productivity. Breaks can enable your brain to think through problems more effectively and help you focus better on any given task at hand, but as with most things in life, it requires careful planning to be as beneficial as possible.

As with most things in life, intention is key when it comes to taking effective breaks throughout the day. For example, a break to scroll social media from your desk is not likely to be nearly as beneficial as a break to get up and take a walk outside.

Below, we will go over how you can make sure your breaks are designed in a way to get the most out of them every time!

How Can I Make the Most of My Workday Breaks?

In studies of employees who took regular breaks, researchers found increased enthusiasm and commitment from workers about their roles—and happy employees are productive employees! If you are hoping to take efficient breaks, here are some great ideas:

Get up and walk around. Moving is great for your brain and your body. Taking the time to stand up and walk around is a great way to get some fresh air, reduce the negative impacts of sitting and get the blood moving.

Try a mindfulness practice. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to have a reset in your day. Whether you are cultivating a meditation practice, simply focusing on a few deep breaths or utilizing a mindfulness app, this is a great way to keep your brain engaged all day.

Practice a puzzle. Puzzles are a fantastic way to shift your brain’s focus but still have it be engaged and active. Crossword puzzles, sudoku or old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles are great mental boosts, and a good way to get your eyes off of a screen for a few minutes, too.

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