Save The Environment & Saving Money

Saving The Environment, Saving You Money:

An Interview with Ossie Ally of TK6 Worldwide.

Many people would agree the world is a limited resource.  TK6 Worldwide’s Ossie Ally is here to help recycle your E-Waste and save you money.

For Ossie Ally, every day is a long run of client calls, invoices, payments, social media, sales meetings, and prepping for the next day. He took some time to sit down with us and talk about his business, what makes him successful, and his time officing with Office Evolution.

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Tell us a little about your organization and what you do.

My name’s Ossie, last name Ally; I’ve been in the E-waste recycling business for over 11 years now. Recently I started a partnership with a new company- TK6 worldwide; that does the same thing, E-waste recycling. 

When I first got into the business companies knew e-waste was a problem because electronic devices changed every single month, so it was a matter of “what do you do with the e-waste?” If we don’t find a solution to all the electronics and gadgets we’re making, there’s gonna be a problem in the landfills. Twenty Eight states have signed the amendment to ban e-waste from landfills. If they do accept E-waste, they call people like us to recycle it in the correct way.

Over the last five years I’ve recycled 3,000,000 pounds of E-waste. I estimate over the next five years, I will quadruple that.

Nobody wants to spend money on doing the right thing which is recycling because they have strict budgets. I can save you anywhere from five to ten cents a pound on any item, because I’m going direct to a processor.  So now you can afford to do the right thing based off of your government budget. We took the same concept and went into Fortune 500 companies- we do it for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

What are Your Best Business Tips?

Cash Flow:

The one key thing for business is your cash flow. If you can’t collect your money, you can’t build a business. My business is based off of cash flow. How can you pay your employees, how can you pay your overhead charge if you don’t have the revenue coming in? 

I  set up every client on an ACH payment. This alleviates the mailing of the check.  Additionally, I set everyone up on a 14 day pay.  Once I receive your materials and I invoice it you have 14 days to pay by ACH. If you do, I’ll give you a five percent discount. Ninety-five percent of my clients pay me within 14 days.

Social Media Marketing:

The most powerful tool out there is social media.  If you are not involved in social media you need to be. I would definitely say that Linkedin and Facebook are the most powerful tools out there. If we’re doing an event in California, we’ll blast all of California and it gets out there to people.

What do you like most about Office Evolution?

I’ve been here over two years now, I think I’m moving into my third year.  What I really love about office evolution is just everyone is so friendly and nice, but I really enjoy the service you guys provide.  I’ve known everybody up front, most of the staff, everybody is willing to help. But it’s the support system.

I’m a sales person and I travel a lot. I like to know that everything is taken care of while I’m away, and it is, 200%, from down to the phone systems to the messages, to if I need something called in, everyone takes care of it right away. So I like the service you provide.  It’s like a one stop shop, I don’t have to hire an assistant and that saves me a lot of money.


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