Structure Your Workday So You Get the Most Out of It

With a rise in digital technology, asynchronous work and decentralized office spaces, the way we work as a society is undoubtedly changing. Whether you are an employee at a company that is shaking things up or you are a business owner yourself, now is a great time to consider how these changes can have an impact on your workday, too.

More than ever, workers have the power to structure their days in a way that makes sense to them. Whether it is with flexible workspaces, hours that vary from the traditional workday or simply how you orient your tasks, considering how you structure your workday is a smart way to ensure you are getting the most out of it.

Tips for Structuring Your Workday to Get the Most Out of It

Schedule everything you do. If you feel like there are not enough hours in a day to balance everything, consider scheduling your tasks and breaks so you make sure each minute is accounted for. Scheduling time for emails, time for meetings and time for your to-do list items can help you allocate your time wisely, and even get some back if you are able to finish early. In all the scheduling, do not forget to set aside time for regular breaks, as they are vital to productivity, too.

Reconsider your working hours. While not everyone has the power to drastically shift their working hours, if you do, there is no better time. More and more workers are finding that the traditional, 9-to-5 workday does not fit their ideal. If possible, determine when you are at your most productive and schedule your working hours around that time frame instead.

Decrease distractions while you are focused. In some roles, you may feel as though you are being pulled in a hundred directions at once—and this can undoubtedly make it hard to focus. When you are able to, switch yourself into “Do Not Disturb” mode so you can get work done. If you set aside time for focus and then follow it with time to catch up on emails and other notifications that may have come through, you can stop yourself from being interrupted while you are in the zone.

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