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Telephone Answering Services in Louisville

Telephone answering services are becoming more and more popular in Louisville, CO. Of course, it’s easy to see why. Until recently, small business owners had two options for telephone reception. Either they picked up the phone on their own, or they hired a receptionist to do it for them. Modern telephone answering companies have changed that. It’s now so cheap to hire an answering service that even one-person companies can afford to outsource this aspect of their business.

Hiring a telephone answering service can improve your workflow, increase focus, and optimize productivity. If you’re worried about missing calls from customers, clients, or potential leads, an answering service can put those worries to rest. Best of all, these services cost a fraction of what a small business in Louisville would have to pay a full-time receptionist.

Businesses in Louisville aren’t the only ones excited about telephone answering services. Researchers and industry groups have also taken an interest. Recent studies have dived into where these services can help small businesses, how they perform in customer service situations, and how they stack up against virtual reception services.

Here are seven key findings about telephone answering services from this research…

How Telephone Answering Services Make a Difference

  1. Small Businesses Struggle to Pick Up the Phone. Most small businesses are busy, one-person operations. That means most of their incoming calls go unanswered. One study found that as many as 62% of all calls to US small businesses either go to voicemail or get no answer at all.
  2. Your Answering Machine’s a Customer Service Black Hole. If you’ve got voicemail in place, it might seem like no big deal that you can’t always pick up the phone. But according to a study by Telecompaper, callers hang up on voicemail 69% of the time.
  3. Phone Lines Are Choking on Spam Calls. Investigative work from Consumer Reports has found that 35% of US phone calls are from spam callers. That’s a problem for small businesses, since business phone numbers can’t be added to the Do Not Call registry.
  4. Spam Calls Impact Your Bottom Line. It might seem like a minute-long phone call with a scripted salesperson wouldn’t really impact your workflow. The numbers disagree. Estimates by ZDNet have found that spam calls cost small businesses $500 million each year.
  5. Consumers Prefer Live Answering to Virtual Reception.No one likes hearing a robot on the other end of a phone call. That was confirmed by HuffPost research in 2016, which found that 90% of all consumers say they prefer live agents to virtual receptionists.
  6. Virtual Receptionists Create Negative Experiences.Customers don’t simply prefer live agents. They actively dislike dealing with automated systems. According to research by AchieveGlobal, 47% of consumers consider it a negative experience when a virtual reception service answers their call.
  7. Telephone Answering Services Increase Productivity.At Office Evolution® Louisville, our phone reception services have a measurable impact on productivity. Our services add two hours to the average client’s workweek. Over a 50-week work year, that’s 100 additional hours.

Live Telephone Reception in Louisville, CO

Hiring a telephone answering service is an easy call to make, especially if your business is based in Louisville, CO. We offer three different levels of live answering, so it’s easy to find the right plan for your business. Our plans come with useful features like voicemail-to-email functionality, call screening, personalized greetings, and a dedicated local phone number.

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