Tips for Crossing Off Your Least Favorite Workday Tasks

Regardless of how much you love the work that you do, it is inevitable that there will be tasks that are less than enjoyable that pop up throughout your workday. Whether you are an entry level employee or an entrepreneur starting your first business, there are likely to be elements of your job that are not your favorite—and that is totally normal!

It is OK to not like every element of your job, but there are ways to get creative so that you can still do them effectively and efficiently. If you struggle to cross of the tasks you dislike the most, read on for our top tips for getting it done!

How to Find the Motivation for Your Least Favorite Work Tasks

Get creative with your scheduling. If you have tasks you truly dread, it is not a smart strategy to leave them until the end of the day—you are likely to find yourself either pushing them indefinitely, or procrastinating subconsciously leading up to tackling them. Scheduling the tasks you dislike the least at the time that is best for you to do them (such as first thing in the morning) can get them out of the way so you can tackle the rest of your workday.

Tie tasks to places. Working in different areas throughout the day has a whole host of benefits, even when it comes to tasks you may not like. If you have something looming, find a new place to work, such as a couch or communal area, and set the intention that you will get the task done there before you migrate elsewhere.

Find new ways to make things interesting. Some things may never be that interesting on their own, but you may be able to make them interesting through other means. For example, if you have a podcast you love, you may choose to listen to it during the time you do a menial task—this way, you are getting the task done while keeping your brain engaged with something positive and motivating.

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